How To Cook An Omelette

There is nothing more satisfying than eating an omelette for breakfast or as a quick snack to satiate those hunger pangs. In fact, there are cafeterias that serve omelettes throughout the day for omelette lovers and aficionados. When made correctly, it can be a delicious dish to eat at any time of the day. The best part about cooking an omelette is you can be experimental.

Cooking a Classic Omelette

Here are some tips on how to make a classic omelette that is light, fluffy and scrumptious.


  • 2 to 4 eggs
  • Butter
  • Shredded cheese (optional)
  • Bacon, bell peppers, ham, olives or sausage (optional)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Cooking Method:

Step 1: Crack the eggs into a bowl. Discard the shells and wash hands well. This is a way to prevent salmonella infection.

Step 2: Use a fork or whisk to beat up the eggs, until the mixture is frothy and light

Step 3: Place skillet on medium heat and melt the butter. Pour the egg mix into the skillet.

Step 4: Spread out the egg in the skillet to make an even base.

Step 5: If you are adding fillings, make sure the base of the egg is firm, while the top is a little runny. Other than cheese, all the fillings can be added. Sprinkle the fillings to cover the entire top surface of the egg.

Step 6: Continue cooking the egg until you see the top surface bubbling. Now, use a spatula to flip over the egg. Cook it until the omelette turns firm.

Step 7: Flip the omelette over and drizzle the shredded cheese. Fold into half and place onto a plate.

Enjoy this delicious and classic omelette with toast or biscuit. You can make the omelette fluffier by adding a dash of milk while beating the eggs.

Steamed Omelette

Steamed omelette

There are some people, who are very conscious of their food and the amount of butter and fats they consume. Such people can still enjoy a tasty omelette if they steam it. Steaming the omelette is in fact quite simple and easy.


2 to 4 eggs
1 tablespoon of grated carrot
1/2 onion finely chopped
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Cooking Method:

Step 1: Break the eggs into a bowl and add the carrot, onion, sesame oil, salt and pepper. Whisk the ingredients well.

Step 2: Make a steamer, by taking a large pot and adding some water into it. Place a smaller pot with a lid into the larger pot. The stove should be on medium heat. Now pour the egg mixture into the smaller pot and cover it with the lid.

Step 3: Let the eggs steam for about 10 minutes. Remove the lid carefully and check the top of the egg. It should be set and no longer runny. When you shake the inner pot, the omelette should move and not look all wet and runny.

Step 4: Remove the omelette from the steamer and place on a plate. Serve immediately with toast, salad or biscuit.

Omelette Cooking Tips

It is really quick and easy to cook an omelette. However, with a few tips, you can make the preparation and cooking tips, you can make a delicious omelette in a jiffy.

  • Instead of milk, try using a little bit of sour cream. This will make the omelette fluffier. Look to add about a tablespoon of sour cream while whisking the eggs.
  • To make the omelette really fluffy, whisk the yolks and whites separately. Combine the two just before you place the egg mix into the skillet.
  • Be as creative as you want with the fillings. Just like with a pizza, you can combine crazy things, such as pineapple and bacon, to come up with a delicious omelette. The only caveat is you use pre-cooked meats.
  • Omelette is a good way to get kids and adults to eat veggies. So cut a colourful array of vegetables and add them to the omelette. Just make sure you prepare the veggies in advance, as the preparation takes longer than actually making the omelette!
  • If you don’t want your omelette to be fluffy, use a large base skillet.