How To Cook Restaurant-Style Italian Sausage & Peppers

Food lovers preferring Italian culinary delights go gaga over the authentic sausage that is used in several dishes such as pizza, bean soups and even bread stuffing. It is a truly versatile ingredient and the popularity has grown over the years. It has become a very popular dish in many regions in the USA and other parts of Europe. The origin of sausage probably lies in Sicily in Southern Italy. The sausage and peppers recipes can vary, but the basic components remain more or less same. You will find onions dipped in thick tomato sauce and sliced bell peppers, without doubt.

Cooking Authentic Italian Sausage At Home

The flavour and unique taste of Italian Sausage is awesome, but for some people, cooking it at home remains easier said than done! There are plenty of cookbooks and online recipes on Italian dishes and condiments, but cooking, restaurant style sausage remains an unattainable dream for many people. However, with some efforts and by adhering to right ways you can make Italian dishes like sandwiches with onions and peppers in quintessential Italian style.

 Italian sausage and peppers

How To Make Yummy And Authentic Italian Sausage At Home

With the right ingredients and methods, cooking restaurant like Italian sausage in your kitchen is not tedious. You will need ingredients like:

  • Onions
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Tomato paste
  • Hoagie rolls
  • Spices and herbs
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Cooking wine

Using cooking utensils and accessories like Knife, cutting board, bowl, Garlic press, wooden spoon and tongs will also be necessary for this recipe.


  1. At first, rinse and dry a few bell peppers. You may use bells peppers with varying colours for this dish.
  2. Next, chop off the bottom and top section of peppers using knife and chopping board. You will need to discard the seeds from inside. Then slice the peppers into thin long strips and set them aside.
  3. After this, you will need to cut 2 onions in the similar fashion. Now, mix the onion slices with pepper stripes in a bowl. It would be good if you use sweet or yellow onions. They add to the overall flavour of sausages.
  4. Next, peel a few garlic cloves and mince them using garlic press or a knife.
  5. In a skillet, heat up olive oil. Add the garlic cloves to hot oil and simmer for a few minutes. After a few minutes of sautéing, remove it from the skillet.
  6. Add the sausages to the skillet now and cook for some minutes over medium heat. When each side turns brown, put them away.
  7. Now, pour in the sliced and chopped onions and peppers to the skillet. Cook until they have become mushy and soft. Turn them often to thwart burning.
  8. After the vegetables have become mushy, add the tomato paste with some cooking wine. You may also add the diced tomatoes. Seasonings like red pepper flakes, oregano, basil and salt can also be added in desired amounts at this point.
  9. Add the sausages again to the skillet. They can be cut into small pieces.
  10. Now, raise the heat a bit to cook the dish. Simmer and cook for 20 minutes or so and this will make the sauce thick. When the thick tomato sauce engulfs sausages and vegetables, it is completed. There should not be runny liquid in the pan.
  11. At last, you need to stuff the prepared sausage and peppers inside the warm hoagie rolls. You may also spread them on top of hot pasta. Topping with grated Parmesan cheese or shredded mozzarella cheese before serving is an option.