How To Eat Like A Food Blogger And Stay Slim

All of us have wondered at the way the food bloggers look. They can just anything and everything they want and yet look slim and fit. So what is the secret behind this? Well, according to some of the renowned food bloggers, balancing is what helps them look slim even while they are eating constantly. Read on to know more about what you could actually do eat like a food blogger without gaining pounds.

1. Eat Your Breakfast!


They do it. Be it oatmeal or omelet, they ensure that they are always eating their breakfast that is loaded with good protein and fiber. Breakfast, as you all know, is the most important meal of the day. When you indulge in a heavy, healthy breakfast, you are bound to have lesser hunger pangs. In short, you would still get to relish the food, but you are sure to mind the quantity you eat.

2. Load Up With Fruits And Veggies!

fruits and vegetables

Eat at least 6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Along with giving you the sufficient energy levels, the fiber will ensure that your digestive system is shielded from the various food you dig your finger into every other day. Fiber and vitamins also enhance your immunity; your metabolism levels are always high. So, there is no fear of gaining weight!

3. Drink Water!

drinking water

All the food bloggers underline the importance of drinking water. Drink as much as you can in a day without experiencing bloating. Water plays an important role in flushing out the toxins. This colorless and odorless liquid is also essential to ensure that your digestive power does not turn sluggish due to mindless eating, which happens quite often with food bloggers. Water also keeps up the metabolic rate, thereby ensuring that you are slim.

4. Eat Your Dinner!

Food Pushers

They do not skip dinner, but they always ensure that they have the last meal of the day at least 3 hours before they hit the bed. While there may be cases where they hamper with this rule, they try to adhere to it as much as they can. Indulging in a deep slumber on a heavy stomach could be a comforting experience, but never in the long run. If you are doing that, you would slowly notice your belly growing sideways.

5. Avoid Deep-Fried Delicacies And Red Meat From Your Diet!

Red Meat

They keep these cholesterol and fat packed delights out from their diet. Food bloggers, many a time, find themselves eating deep-fried foods and meat when having food from outside. So, in order to maintain their body, they ensure that the homemade foods are free from any and all those things they hog outside.

6. Do Not Drink Carbonated Drinks And Caffeine!

Avoid Coffee, Carbonated Drinks, And Chocolates

This is yet another thumb rule many food bloggers follow. They strive to stay away from coffee, tea, and other caffeine rich drinks. Sugar is also a part of the prohibited items in their list. The reason – they come across these items while they are on the food journey.

7. Exercising Is An Inevitable Element!


Yes! All of them have some or the other forms of exercising. While some workout in the gym, there are others who love walking and jogging. From cycling to trekking and swimming, aerobics to yoga and dancing, the food bloggers always ensure that they have at least one form of exercise in their fitness regimen.

Now that you know the secrets of food bloggers, why don’t you start following those?