How To Keep Vegetables Fresh

“Eat fresh vegetables if you want to lose weight and improve your health”. This is a very common advice we all hear, but many a time you might find yourself not having access to farm produced every day. And, if at all you buy a little extra, you might have difficulty in storing the same, only to end up wasting those. So what can be done to keep the veggies fresh without wasting them?

There are certain set of rules that you ought to follow while storing the veggies for maintaining their freshness. There are certain foods that should store in the refrigerator while others should never be refrigerated. Confused? Just read the article to know more about these interesting facts.

Effective Tips For Retaining The Freshness of Vegetables


Tips For Storing On The Kitchen Countertop

There are a certain set of veggies that you can store on your kitchen counter, including potatoes and onions. Just make sure that you are storing the produce fresh, away from the direct sunlight. Choose to store them in an open bowl or placed safely inside a perforated kitchen bag so as to retain their freshness.

Tips For Storing In The Refrigerator

There are couple of rules that you need to remember while storing the produce in your refrigerator.

  1. Use a perforated bag for keeping the veggies.

Always place the vegetables in perforated refrigerator bags and then place them in the vegetables drawer of your refrigerator. If you do not have access to refrigerator bags, then make tiny perforations in normal storage plastic bags and use those.

  1. Never mix the vegetables with fruits.

Fruits quite often exhale ethylene. And, this on the other hand, can trigger spoilage. So, if you want to enjoy fresher veggies, then store them separately in separate covers as well as drawers.

  1. Do not mix your veggies with herbs.

Herbs should be stored after snipping off the ends in a plastic bag and should be kept upright. Never mix it with your veggies as both of them will lose the authentic flavors.

The Thumb Rules For Keeping Veggies Fresh

Here are a handful of veggies that you might use daily. Learn how you can store them longer without losing the freshness right here.

  1. Beets

Cut off the tops of the beets so as to ensure that the deep red veggies remain firm. This will ensure that the vegetables do not lose the firmness, flavor, and freshness by allowing the moisture to steep in via the roots. Wash the beets thoroughly and store in an open container by covering it using a damp towel.

  1. Carrots

The rules for storing carrots remain the same as beets. However while storing in the refrigerator just ensure that they are placed in an airtight container with a good dose of moisture.

  1. Cabbage

Never store your cabbage in the refrigerator as it will turn soft, losing the moisture and crispiness. Leave it on the countertop, away from direct sunlight. The leafy veggie retains its freshness and crispiness for up to a week. Just ensure that you discard the leaves that start to wilt.

  1. Eggplant

This is yet another vegetable you need to store on the kitchen countertop. Just clean it with a dry paper towel and store it in a dry, open bowl. Never allow to come into touch with moisture as eggplant has a tendency to start decaying soon.

  1. Garlic, onion, and shallots

Store these commonly used kitchen veggies on the countertop in a cool and dark place, away from moisture and sunlight.

  1. Potatoes

You can keep them fresh for a couple of weeks by storing them on your countertop, away from onions, moisture, and sunlight. You can keep them in perforated kitchen bags for extended shelf life. Do not wash the potatoes as dampening promotes spoilage.

  1. Tomatoes

Never store your tomatoes in the refrigerator, say many. While for a shorter duration, storing tomatoes on the counter might do the job, if you want these fresh for a longer time, pack them into perforated storage backs and tuck into the veggies compartment of your refrigerator.

These were rules for some of the veggies that tend to get spoiled pretty fast. Do you know any tips and tricks for retaining the freshness of veggies? Share with us!