How To Make Aam Ka Panna

Come summer and we all tend to stock up our refrigerated with various variants of those sugar infused, preservative loaded squashes and juice mix. This summer stay away from all those unhealthy drinks. Squash your thirst this summer with a healthy drink prepared from raw mangoes. Flavored with assorted spices and sweetened with jaggery, this is the perfect thirst quenching element. And, it has some really fabulous health benefits too… It safeguards you from the ill effects of stroke while averting head induced tummy troubles.

Wondering how to make it at home? Catch up with this simple recipe of aam ka panna right below.

 Aam Ka Panna

The Ingredients List

You need to have the following set of ingredients handy so that you can start preparing aam ka panna without any hurdles.

  • Raw mango – 2, large

For Flavors

  • Jaggery – 1/3 cup, roughly powdered
  • Black salt – a pinch

For Seasoning

  • Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
  • Black peppercorns – 1 tsp
  • Cumin seeds powder – ½ tsp

Other Ingredients Required

  • Mint leaves – 15, roughly torn [optional]
  • Chilled Water – as required

How To Make Aam Ka Panna At Home

Preparing The Seasoning

  1. Place a small sautéing pan on medium to high heat.
  2. Add cumin seeds and roast until the color changes to light brown and fills your home with a nice aroma.
  3. Keep aside to cool.
  4. Add black peppercorns and roast for 3 minutes or until it gets a nice aroma. Keep aside to cool.
  5. Once cumin seeds and peppercorns cool down, transfer to a mixer and make into a fine powder. Keep aside until required.

Preparing The Mango

There are three different ways you can cook the mango.

  1. Add raw mango to boiling water and allow to boil until peel starts separating. Allow to cool, discard the peel, and using a masher, mash the pulp and keep aside till used.
  2. Wash the mango and using a peeler, remove the peel. Place in a large vessel filled with water and pressure cook for about 15 minutes. Bring the cooked mango to room temperature and extract the pulp. Discard the seed.
  3. Wash the mangoes well and place atop your gas burner and roast until it develops a smoky flavor. Remove the peel and extract the pulp. Discard the seed.

How To Prepare The Panna Preserve

  1. Mix the extracted mango pulp with the seasoning mixture, jaggery, black salt, and mint leaves.
  2. Add the mixture to a blender and blend to a smooth mixture.

How To Proceed

  1. To each 4 tbsp of panna preserve add 500 ml cold water.
  2. Sprinkle cumin seed powder.
  3. Transfer to long glasses filled with ice cubes and serve garnished with a fresh mint sprig or a lemon wedge.


  1. You can add sugar in the place of jaggery. Honey is also a great sweetener.
  2. Grind mint leaves with one or two green chilies and add this to the mango mixture just before serving in for a blend of flavors.
  3. Squeeze in a little lemon juice and give a quick mix for additional tanginess.
  4. You can also mix in red chili powder in the place of black pepper powder for a different taste.
  5. Mix in nutmeg and cinnamon powders for an exotic appeal.
  6. You can even crush a few strands of saffron and dissolve it along with cardamom powder for a novel flavor.
  7. Grind dates soaked in water with a little tamarind and cook it until raw aroma vanishes. Mix about a tablespoon full of this mixture into the drink along with a dash of chat masala for a varied taste.


The drink is a very humble one, but marvelous enough to cool your taste buds and heart. Try this and share your views.