How To Make Boring Food Interesting

Eating healthy is a prerequisite and even junk food addicts are waking up to the reality! However, one big complaint against the majority of healthy foods is the bland taste and lack of flavour in them. It is not mandatory that you will have to punish your taste buds eternally with boring and bland tasting foods in your quest for leading a healthy life. It is possible to add to the taste and flavour of healthy and nutrient rich foods and still avoid making them laden with fat and sugar.

7  Top Methods To Make Boring And Bland Food Taste Absolutely Yummy:

Yummy Food

1. Break Out From Stereotypes

While you may have learnt to cook certain vegetable and animal meats in some specific ways that does not mean there cannot be variety! You can look up the web or explore various cooking guides to learn more interesting and unique ways of cooking widely used foods. There are plenty of unique and lesser known recipes for chicken and potatoes for example. While searching, look for low calorie and healthier recipes. Similarly, you can use smart phone apps to find such newer recipes nowadays.

2. Learn To Experiment

Sometimes, cooking without the aid of a cooking guide or previously learnt method can be helpful to get rid of bland tasting dishes! Use newer ingredients, spices or seasonings to cook vegetable or meat based dishes at times. You may make such dishes in small amounts initially.

3. Spices For Variety

Everybody uses spices of some type or other for cooking. It is time you try out hitherto untried spices to add some zest to your dishes. Spices like ginger, garlic and coriander make foods tastier and flavourful. You can also try using herbs and leaves of plants at times. Ingredients like Black pepper and lemon juice adds flavour to conventional bland dishes, as it is. Besides, some such spices contain antioxidants and enough nutrients to boost your immunity.

4. Use Various Fruits

You may make use of various kinds of fruits to make dishes more appealing to the taste buds. Adding different fruits in salads is one example. You may mix fruits like pineapple, banana, mango, orange or seasonal fruits for the sake of variety. Fruits also serve as suitable ingredients for dishes like custard and ice cream. Mixing fruits with vegetables can be ideal for making nutritious yet tasty juices at home. Using berries and kiwifruit can make a lot of difference in some such desserts or salads.

5. Use Fresh Produce

It makes sense to use organic and fresh produce to make dishes that are both healthy and yummy. These vegetables may cost you more, but the risk of pesticide is not there. Discard the habit of shopping for bags of frozen meat and produce as well.

6. Choose Newer Animal Protein Sources

If you are weary of cooking same meat based dishes, try newer sources of animal protein sometimes. For example, you can try various types of seafood’s and fish variants. Combining vegetables with meat can also add variety to the flavour. You can use vegetables like papaya, carrot and capsicum to enrich the taste and flavour of such dishes.

7. Use Newer Methods of Cooking

Sometimes, cooking in newer methods adds great flavour to same dishes. You may set up an open air barbecue at the backyard of house for slow roasting meat and vegetables on fire. It lends a smoky flavour to the dishes. Marinating certain dishes before cooking also enriches the taste! You may also use various cooking oils including virgin olive oil for making dishes taste delicious.