How To Make Gujiya

Gujiya is a popular North Indian dessert. This sweet and delicious dish is filled with richness of dry fruits, milk, nuts, sugar and mawa/khoya. It is a must-have sweet for many families during the festive seasons of Holi and Diwali. It is known by different names in different states. Some common ones include Karanji, Kajjkayalu, Karjikai, and Ghughra.

Here is a recipe that you can use to make delicious Gujiya at home.


You will need:

  • Ghee/Oil – 6 tablespoon
  • Maida (all-purpose flour) – 500 grams
  • Khoya – 500-600 grams
  • Raisins (kishmish) – 25 grams
  • Chopped almonds – 25 grams
  • Dessicated coconut – 25 grams
  • Cardamom powder – ½ teaspoon
  • Sugar – 350 grams



Start the procedure by sieving the flour. Mix oil/ghee and Maida. Mix them well with your fingers to make it look like breadcrumbs. After the maida and oil start to bind with each other, add some water to knead. Knead it with a light hand to form tight, but soft dough. Set aside the prepared dough and cover it with a damp cloth.

While the dough settles, prepare the mixture for filling. Mash Khoya and fry it in a kadhai to get a golden brown color. Follow by adding cardamom powder and sugar to the fried khoya. Mix it well. Further, add cashews, almonds, raisins and coconut. Mix these ingredients properly with khoya. Allow it to fry for 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and put aside to cool.

Take the dough you had prepared. Divide it into small balls. Roll each of these balls to get small rounds, with a diameter of 4 inches. Fill half portion of this round with the prepared mixture. Fold it to close and seal the round. Twist the edges inwards to give it the shape. Be careful that the filling is not overdone and does not creep out of the folds. Prepare all the Gujiyas in the same way.

These days, Gujiya moulds are also available at stores. You can use these moulds to give a perfect shape to your Gujiya. To use these moulds, place the round in a greased mould and fill one side with the khoya mixture. Moisten the round’s edges and fold the mould with one side over the other. Remove the excess dough from edges and reuse the mould for preparation of another Gujiya.

Spread them on a newspaper or on a cloth. Ensure the prepared Gujiyas don’t touch each other while being placed. There should be a gap of at least 1-2 inch between every Gujiya.

For frying, preheat ghee/oil in a kadhai. Deep fry the prepared Gujiya in batches, depending upon the size of your kadhai/pan. Fry these Gujiyas on a medium flame. Drain and remove from the flame when the Gujiya turns golden brown in color. Put the fried Gujiya on an absorbent paper. And your Gujiya is ready to serve. You can store these in an airtight container for later use.

Important Tips to Make your Gujiya Perfect:

People generally complain that their Gujiya breaks apart or opens up when frying. Here are some useful tips to make perfect Gujiya. Read on.

  • When preparing the dough, ensure correct proportion of ghee/oil and flour. Your Gujiya will break if the ratio of ghee/oil goes up.
  • Overstuffing is another reason that might cause the Gujiya to break while frying. Therefore, avoid overstuffing.
  • Make sure that you seal the Gujiya tightly after filling. If the Gujiya is not sealed properly, the stuffing would come out of it as soon as it is put to fry. This filling sticks to surface of other Gujiya, thus spoiling its look as well as taste.
  • Check the temperature of oil before frying. If the oil is not heated properly, it will penetrate into the Gujiya and spoil the taste. Drop a small piece of dough into the oil. If this dough comes up gradually, the temperature is perfect. However, if the dough rises up too fast or slow, the oil is not ready for frying your Gujiya.