How To Make Tasty Hot Drinks That Keep You Warm

In chilling winter days, you crave for a nice cozy sleep under the blanket and the idea of a cup of steaming coffee also seems alluring. However, it is not necessarily your regular cup of cappuccino that you can have on those chilly evenings to feel good. Sometimes, you may resort to making and drinking some exotic hot drinks and refresh your taste buds.

7 top exotic hot drinks that will help you relish the winter days:

1. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

You may have enjoyed drinking cups of hot chocolates at airport lounges and coffee shops, but what about preparing one at home with a dash of peppermint! It is actually healthier than what you get in shops. You will need ingredients like ¼ cup coconut milk, ¼ cup chocolate chunks, water, 3 peppermint tea bags and 1 tablespoon honey to make this drink.

At first, mix the peppermint tea, water and coconut milk in a pan and boil. Simmer for some minutes and then remove tea bags and put off flames. Now, add the honey and chocolate chips. Mix them well until they melt. Pour into mugs and serve it hot.

2. Warm Spiced Coconut-Almond Milk

Warm Spiced Coconut-Almond Milk

This will give your taste buds some relief from familiar taste of coffee and tea. The spices do lend it a unique and exotic flavor. You will need ingredients like unsweetened almond milk, some tumeric powder, fresh ginger, pure vanilla flavor, cayenne pepper powder, nutmeg and a spoon of coconut oil.

It is pretty simple to prepare. You will have to mix every ingredient in a deep pan well. Then simmer it for some time. Stir it in between and serve hot.

3. Hot Water and Lemon Infusion

Hot Water and Lemon Infusion

It tastes better in those freezing winter mornings very well. It also has proven health benefits and helps to detoxify your body. You will need water, turmeric, freshly squeezed lemon juice, coarse sea salt, red chili powder and raw cane sugar.

Making the drink is very simple. You just need to mix everything in a mug of warm water and shake well.

4. Hot Ginger Tea

Ginger tea

Ginger actually goes well with most types of tea. Whether you use tea bags or dry leaves, the combination is a hit. Use freshly sliced ginger for the best results. Take a tea bag or leaves, ginger slices and honey. This tea helps you deal with digestion and inflammation related woes.

At first, boil the ginger in water in a pan for a few minutes. Then dip in the tea bags. Add honey to sweeten.

5. Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate

This is a hot chocolate variant with plenty of cinnamon. You may not want this if the cinnamon flavor does not suit you. The spices used lead to a warm flavor. You will need ingredients like a can of coconut milk, cacao powder, water, honey, vanilla stevia, cayenne pepper, vanilla extract, chili powder and cinnamon.

At first, you will need to mix the cacao powder, water, honey and coconut milk well. Make a puree of it. Then add the remaining ingredients to it. Heat the mix in a deep pan for some time. Serve with a small amount of whipped cream.

6. Vanilla Chai Latte

Vanilla Chai Latte

This is another hot drink that requires quite a lot of ingredients but the result is also worth the effort and time spent! You will require water, peppercorns, whole cloves, ground cardamom, nutmeg, ground ginger, black tea bags, vanilla extract, brown sugar, milk and a cinnamon stick.

At first, you will need to mix the peppercorns, cloves, ginger, cinnamon stick and nutmeg in a pan of water and then heat it. Boil the ingredients for a few minutes and as the flavor is felt add the vanilla and sugar in the pan. Boil it well and put off flame. Then put the tea bags in water and steep for some time. Next, add the vanilla and brown sugar. Heat the milk and stir into the tea. Serve it hot.

7. Russian Tea

Russian Tea

It is nothing remotely like the regular cup of tea you are habituated to sip every morning! You can serve this to guests in a chilly winter evening or even offer to your spouse to same him. You will need ingredients like instant tea powder, orange-flavored drink mix, powdered lemonade mix, sugar, ground cinnamon and cloves. The tea, orange drink and lemonade should be mixed in 1:2:2 ratio.

At first, you need to mix instant tea powder, lemonade powder, orange drink mix and all other ingredients in a large pan. Mix it really well and store in a container. Before serving the tea each time, mix about 4 spoonfuls of this mixture with a cup of boiling water. In summer, you can use cold water to serve a chilled version of the tea.

What’s your favorite drink? Be a part of discussion in the comments!