How To Order Vegan Food When You Dine Out

A lot of health and diet experts vouch for the numerous benefits of discarding meat and animal food products from a regular diet. With celebs and eminent personalities turning to vegetarianism and some even going vegan, you may feel like joining their leagues! While you may find some vegan food stores and markets where suitable produce is available, things can be tough when you dine out! Finding a vegetarian restaurant is not easy everywhere, as it is.

To ensure you can enjoy vegan foods when finding out with friends or others, resort to the below listed tips:

1. Choosing The Restaurant Beforehand


When you want to adhere to vegan foods and dining out is on the cards, a little research and preparation helps a lot. You can search for restaurants that offer vegan and vegetarian foods in the area online. Those who are mostly using Smartphone and tablets to browse the web, can use food apps that help them find such restaurants in any location. It would also be a good idea to ask your friends who also have similar dietary habits for suggestions.

2. Choosing From The Menu

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In a scenario when you cannot find any vegan restaurant in a region while dining out, all is not lost! You can still pick from the available menu options and find something that is suited for you. For example, it will not be difficult to find items like salads without meat or sandwiches made with vegetables. If you opt for soups, ask if chicken stock is used to make it or not. Asking about the type of bread used in making sandwiches is also necessary.

3. Asking The Chef


Sometimes you may be able to find vegan dishes in a restaurant not exclusively meant for vegans by asking the chefs and staffs. For example, all restaurants need to use produce and sometimes fruits. This can vary from one season to another. However, you may ask the chef to make some alterations in a dish and make it vegan, if possible. By replacing meat from a sandwich and using seasonal vegetables- it can be turned into a vegan friendly dish! You can also ask questions on salad dressings and cooking oils.

4. Being Clear About What You Can’t Eat

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Some vegan people find it tough to dine out because they just don’t express clearly what sort of foods they cannot eat. When you talk with the staffs at a restaurant, be clear about what you cannot eat. If you mention just meat- they may assume using chicken stock or egg may be okay! Do not leave any place for assumption and mention that you will not have anything related with animal meat and milk. This will make things easier for both sides, as it is.

5. Overcoming Language Barriers

Speaking New Language

This can be a challenge when you want to eat vegan while traveling. If it is a non English speaking country and restaurant staffs are not good in the language, you may feel troubled. It is better that you learn the local dialect a bit- at least for culinary terms.

6. Carrying Suitable Snacks

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It may so happen, more so when you are in another country, locating a vegan restaurant may be tough. The restaurants that seem still approachable may not have enough vegetable based dishes. So, you may end up with a bowl of rice and mixed vegetables that may not fulfill the craving of your taste buds. To ensure you do not have to fall prey to hunger pangs and buy snacks that may be laced with meat, carry some fresh fruits, especially dry ones.