How To Prepare Ragi Porridge For Your Baby

As you see your baby boy or girl growing up and learning the little nuances of life, it fills your mind with limitless joy and bliss. As the baby starts crawling and begins adjusting to semi solid foods from a liquid diet, you may think about introducing apt foods. It is time you give the baby nutritious foods that are easy to digest and taste awesome as well. Giving the toddler Ragi porridge can be a prudent idea at this stage.

Why Offer Ragi Porridge To Your Baby?

Ragi also called finger millet is quite nutritious, easy to digest and it aids fuel overall growth of the toddler. It is a whole grain that contains a good quantity of proteins, iron and calcium. Besides, it is gluten free and low in fat. Ragi also contains vitamins and dietary fiber.

Ragi Porridge For Your Baby

When To Introduce Ragi Porridge To Your Baby

When your baby has crossed six months you can offer him or her ragi porridge. Babies with digestive issues should be given this food a few months later. You may talk with a pediatrician about giving this to your toddler as well.

The consistency of ragi porridge made for your baby can vary. However, do not make it too stiff or thick, which will make it difficult for the baby to swallow and digest. You may opt for a runny or semi thick consistency. It also depends on how you feed the baby in general. Think whether you should use a spoon for feeding the porridge or deploy the feeding bottle.

Preparing Ragi Porridge For Your Baby

There are broadly 2 methods using which you can prepare ragi porridge for a toddler at home. Pick the method that suits your need the best.

Preparing Ragi Porridge Using Fresh Ragi

In this method, you take fresh ragi to make the porridge. Initially, make the porridge in small amounts to see how your baby likes it.

You will need ingredients like:

  • Fresh ragi
  • Water
  • Sugar/ jaggery

How to Make

  1. You should use sterilized utensils to cook the porridge for your baby. Wash your hands with clean water well beforehand.
  2. Now, wash the fresh ragi in clear water several times. Ensure all dust and dirt is washed off.
  3. Keep the ragi smoked in water for as few hours or overnight.
  4. Drain the water and then blend the ragi in mixer grinder. You will need to add a small amount of water to create a creamy smooth paste.
  5. Now, using a fine cheesecloth or wide mesh strainer drain and squeeze the ragi. This will extract the ragi milk.
  6. Then heat up the extracted ragi milk in a pan. Put it on low flame. Add some more water to get the desired consistency. Cook for a few minutes on simmering flame.
  7. Add some sugar or jaggery before you put off the flame.
  8. You may also add some mashed raisins to the porridge to enhance the flavor.
  9. Let the porridge cool and thicken a bit. You may keep the porridge in refrigerator if serving it cool is what you want.

Preparing Ragi Porridge Using Ragi Powder

This is one method that comes in handy when you want to feed your baby ragi porridge but do not have much time for preparation. You can find ragi powder in stores easily or it is also possible to dry grind ragi at home to make the powder. Store the powder in airtight container.

You will need:

  • Dry ragi powder
  • Sugar
  • Water

How to Make

  1. Sterilize the utensils that will be used for cooking at first.
  2.  Then fill half of a saucepan with clean water. Add some jaggery and wait till it gets melted.
  3. Using a fine mesh strainer, strain the liquid in a bowl.
  4. Now, add a spoon of ragi powder in the bowl. Mix very well and ensure no lump is there.
  5. Now, use the strainer again to strain this liquid.
  6. Heat up the saucepan into which the liquid has been poured already. Cook on low flame for a few minutes.
  7. Put the flame off and let the porridge cool.