How To Select The Best Greek Yogurt

Eating yogurt is healthy, but it is better that you choose the right type for optimum benefits. Flavored and sweetened variants may not be much of a healthy choice, after all! In recent years, the demand and craze for Greek yogurts has shot up like never before. Before you rush to the supermarket to bring home a tub of Greek yogurt, it is better that you know the ways to pick the best option. Greek yogurt is yummy, dense with nutrients and it can be eaten anytime or with breakfast.

Ways To Buy The Most Apt Greek Yogurt Versions


Before you buy a Greek yogurt tub, analyze the following aspects carefully.

  1. Fat quotient– What is the use of choosing a dairy product that is labeled as healthy but packs in lots of fat? The same holds true for Greek yogurts. However, you may still eat low fat over the nonfat version as studies indicate human body requires some healthy fats. Besides, the low fat versions taste way better than zero fat variants.
  2. Protein– A Greek yogurt that contains a lot of protein should be chosen. Diet experts say 175 gram pack of such yogurt should contain 18 grams of protein or more. This is usually thrice of what you get in regular nonfat yogurt. Protein rich foods should be eaten at breakfast and then all over the day. It acts as fuel for various body organs.
  3. Sugar– It is best to steer clear of sugared variants of Greek yogurt for optimum health benefits. It is important to have a look at the calorie count.
  4. Ingredients– Read the label whey you shop for such yogurts. Companies selling these yogurts can add various ingredients that may not be very healthy for you eventually. You should opt for tubs that are made mostly of milk and probiotics. It would be best to evade buying products that contain whey concentrates. Some brands actually skip using the usual straining method and instead put in some thickening agents. Avoid yogurts that contain ingredients like guar gum or corn starch.
  5. Animal extracts– Contrary to what many people think, Greek yogurts may not always be vegetarian. Some companies actually uses gelatin to give their yogurts more slippery texture. Gelatin is usually made from various collagens extracted from animal byproducts. This can be an issue for those who avoid animal meat or by products in their meals.
  6. Frozen vs regular Greek Yogurt– You will be mistaken to think that frozen Greek yogurt is the frozen version of regular Greek yogurt. The frozen variants are likely to contain more sugar over regular ones. The frozen variant is more of a dessert than breakfast!

Ways To Sweeten Greek Yogurt

While plain and non fat versions of Greek yogurt are more nutritious, the taste may not be palatable to all. There are healthy workarounds for sure. You should buy non sweetened yogurt and use honey or fruit slices to add to the sweetness and flavor. Various nuts and fruits like pineapple and banana go well with this yogurt for breakfast. This is even more applicable for those who are trying to shed excess body flab.

Seek Expert Advice

Since the web and shops are littered with ads of companies selling Greek yogurts and each claiming the product to be the best, you may get confused. It is prudent to seek expert advice in this regard. You may talk with a veteran diet expert to learn about the best available yogurt you can buy. There are many online resources on this you can access as well.