How To Use Leftover Chicken To Make Foods

It happens to a lot of people, more so in festive occasions like thanksgiving or New Year. You may have invited lot of guests and after they leave, you are left with a significant amount of cooked chicken as leftover. There is no need to give the shredded and roasted chicken pieces to your cat or dog! You can use the leftover chicken to make some mouth watering dishes. These can be used as snacks, breakfast for the next day or even in mail meals, based on your preference and amount of meat left.

6 Useful Ways To Utilize Leftover Cooked Chicken:-

1. Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad

You can use the cooked and leftover chicken to make chicken salad. There are so many recipes to make chicken salad and you can be a little creative as well. You may use small balls of boneless chicken in salads. It is also possible to shred the chicken in tiny pieces and sprinkle over vegetables to make a salad with contrasting texture. Add various herbs and condiments, but do not add too much mayonnaise. The kids keep asking for such salads for sure.

2. Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

The leftover chicken can be used to make mouth watering soup and stew. You may use existing vegetable broth or use some of the chicken in boiling water and add herbs to make chicken stock. Use a variety of vegetables, including cabbage, carrots and onion to add texture and flavour to the soup. Sprinkle some lemon juice and pepper powder on top and serve hot. This goes well for those recovering from cold or as an appetizer.

3. Chicken Sandwich

Watermelon Sandwich With Grilled Chicken And Boursin

If you are not in the mood of eating chicken in gravy form, sandwiches fit in the bill the best. You can use various types of bread to make sandwiches with cooked leftover chicken, as it is. Heat up the chicken and mash if the pieces were stored in the fridge overnight before putting inside two slices. You can also use cooked shredded chicken to form a layer between slices. Use chicken with bread spread or along with several vegetables like cucumber, carrots and onion. Add some salt, pepper and mayonnaise for enhancing the flavour.

4. Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice

You may use those leftover chicken pieces and cubes to make yummy chicken rice. This can be served as the main dish at dinner. Use long grain rice, diverse vegetables and small chicken pieces to make chicken rice. It goes well with several vegetable and non-veg dishes.

5. Chicken Noodles

Chicken Noodles

Use the leftover chicken and shred it to thin pieces to use with noodles. You can use various types of noodles. Blend chicken with vegetables like capsicum, carrot and onion to bring a variety of flavours in the noodles. Cook it with pepper, chilli sauce and tomato sauce. This goes well as an evening snack.

6. Chicken Momo

Chicken Momo

Momo is a dumpling very popular in Tibetan cuisine, which is spreading worldwide. You can mince the leftover chicken and use it to make chicken momo at home. You will need to use ingredients like cabbage, carrot, soya sauce. Of course, you will need to use a steamer to make the momos. This can serve as an excellent appetizer or snack.

Summing It Up

There are so many ways to make use of the leftover cooked chicken and come up with delicious dishes that leave or kids and spouse asking for more. Ensure that you not deep fry the chicken that is already cooked. Also use salt and condiments sparingly to make dishes with leftover chicken if it was cooked with salt earlier.