How Binge Drinking Affects College Students

The years of college life are possibly the finest years of every individual’s life. Just after crossing over the threshold of school days; it is that stage in your life when you feel free as a bird. Suddenly one is in a scenario where there are no restrictions or limitations and nor are you answerable for your presence in every class. This sudden thrust of freedom could make many go astray. After all, life is not only about being ‘born free’. Certain norms are a must to provide semblance to living.

Binge Drinking and Its Reasons

Apart from the many problematic issues that the college life ushers in is binge drinking. Drinking has become a social norm in today’s times. In fact, it could be challenging to keep abbey. Several surveys and research conducted on the fundamental reasons of resorting to drinking have revealed basic four reasons for indulging in the same.


Peer Pressure Leads to Binge Drinking

Topping the charts is peer pressure that pushes you to be socially in tune with the rest. For many, it is a way of gaining social acceptance. Then there are those who are slaves of the ‘feel good factor’ that drinking bestows on you and lastly, comes the utility of alcohol towards handling stress and depressions. Of course, there is also an intriguing aspect to try something that one had been forbidden for in the younger years.

Binge drinking is extremely common during this phase and it is a form of drinking that is reported to cause maximum incidences of excessive consumption of alcohol. Statistics highlight that amongst the 80 percent of students indulging in drinking, half are into binge drinking. The terminology can be specially used for consuming more than four drinks for females and more than five drinks for males during a span of just two hours. As per the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism such high and quick intake of alcohol results in bringing one’s blood alcohol concentration to 0.08 percent and above. In fact, research also indicates that surprisingly most binge drinkers are not those who one can term as real alcoholics. It is probably a pattern of drinking that company and pleasure encourages you to adopt.

Variations in Binging

One of the most sought after recipes of binge drinking is combining alcohol with energy drinks. Although, preparation of cocktails is traditionally conducted in a similar pattern; but the agenda behind this amalgamation is different. Binging with such concoctions gives a higher stimulation to the circulatory system, thereby making one stay agile a little longer and of course the enjoyment quotient is enhanced as well.

Another risk that comes with binging is consumption of drugs. This form of intoxication is becoming a rage in youngster parties. Although, this phenomena commences with mere recreation, but the ecstasy that it ushers in could get you hooked in no time.

Implications of Binging

Dip in Academics: One of the biggest repercussions of binge drinking is its negative impact on a student’s academic grades. Alcohol certainly affects the human cognitive competence adversely. Moreover, binge drinking interferes with general routine, thereby most commonly resulting in low attendance at college. Not attending classes regularly slackens academic progress that finally reduces one’s GPA.

A survey conducted at Purdue University highlighted that 25 percent of students held alcohol consumption as a potent reason for lowering their academic performance. The second most important effect of binge drinking lies in physical harm.

Alcoholic Poisoning: Amateur drinkers can very often fall prey to alcohol poisoning. Consuming high proportion of alcohol in a very limited period of time could result in either fainting or even death in extreme cases. Binge drinking also leads to physical injury through road accidents and can in course of time cause several diseases as well. As far as women are concerned, there is additional risk of physical abuse as well.

Impaired Social Interaction: Lastly, drinking can harm our social interactions as well. Friends and relatives of students indulging in frequent binge drinking would second the fact that handling such youngsters is a rock solid task.
In recent times, binge drinking has become a way to be in vogue for college students. This generation loves the feeling of being always ‘high on life’. However, one must never forget the fact that your years in the university are crucial to what the future holds for you. Occasional drinking within limits can be justified, but binge drinking could make you fall in a trap that could ruin your physical and mental being. What is important is to understand one’s boundaries and gather the courage to say ‘no’, even amidst high peer pressure.