How Carpool Is Awesome In Delhi’s Odd-Even Scheme

Despite much opposition and hullabaloo, the odd-even scheme in Delhi is in full swing. While, the scheme has made many a Delhiites breath a literal sigh of relief, it created many issues as well. It has led to overcrowding in public transport measures such as buses and metro. In such times, carpooling has emerged as a viable option to get the best of both the worlds.

Carpooling is a time tested concept in the west, but it still is trying to get a foothold in India. This new odd-even scheme is likely to give fillip to this wonderful idea. If you are still not sold, then here is our list of reasons why carpooling is the best way to survive odd-even scheme.

Delhi's Odd-Even Scheme

1. Protect your Environment

Delhi is considered to be one of the most polluted capitals in the world. Its air quality is also rated below par. Odd-even scheme was started to improve the situation. You can do your share by making this scheme successful. However, you do not need to disrupt your schedule as carpooling comes to your rescue. It helps in cutting down the number of cars on the road. Fewer cars mean less emissions and thus lower pollution. With carpooling, you can make Delhi pollution go away, making it a better place to live.

2. Protect Your Health

Carpooling reduces environmental factors which may lead to various ailments. High levels of emission in the air are responsible for causing lung cancer, allergies and asthma. It also affects your skins, accelerating the process of ageing. When you carpool, you protect your body from these side effects. Help make Delhi a better place by carpooling.

3. Save Your Money

The benefits of carpooling are not limited to environment and health. It can also help you in saving some serious cash. You can drastically cut down your gas bill by going carpool way. With carpooling, your gas expenses will be divided among the number of riders you are sharing your car with. It also helps in reducing repair and maintenance bill as you will rotate your vehicle with other members of your carpooling team. The list does not end here. You can also cut down the amount of money you pay for tolls and other road taxes. In Delhi, people travel long distance to reach their workplace. By carpooling, you can save money.

4. Civic Sense

Since carpooling cuts down the number of vehicles on the road, it helps in maintaining them for a longer time. Lesser need of repairs mean less pressure on public exchequer, which ultimately reduces your tax burden. So, do your share in keeping Delhi roads in good condition by opting for carpooling.

5. Convenience

Now, you can relax in the car, without the burden of driving. It is like getting a chauffeur, without shelling out moolah. You can use this time for various other purposes. Catch up on that book you were planning to read or watch your favorite show on your computer, the choice is yours. This is also an extremely flexible option and you can customize it to meet your requirements.

6. Widen Your Circle

If you still need a reason to carpool, then how about the fact that it may help you in widening your circle. This way you get to meet new people. Since, you get to spend considerable time with them on your way, you learn new things. It may lead to long lasting friendship. If nothing else, it relieves you from the boredom of driving alone. Now, you can say goodbye to your dreary office drives.

7. Make Use of Apps

In order to help you plan your carpooling better, Delhi government has launched a new app called ‘PoochhO Carpool’. This app is designed to help people in finding carpool options to best meet their requirements. It requires registration and will find carpooling options in the radius of 1 to 5 kilometers. It is also safe to use and does not require divulging your phone number to communicate with other users. You can use the in-built chat function for this purpose.

However, it is not just the government helping people in this initiative, but various private companies have launched their apps as well. Popular cab service Ola has launched a new car-share feature. You need to input your car details in order to use this app.

Delhi’s odd-even scheme is still in the experimental phase, but it is an important step in the right direction. Whether odd-even scheme stays or goes, carpooling is still a good idea to conserve resources including petrol and your money. Apart from saving money, carpooling is also helpful in saving time and energy, making it a highly viable option. So, change the way you commute and travel and discover the benefits of carpooling.