How Money Can Ruin Your Relationship

Relationships can often be complex and unpredictable. However, certain aspects and activities of people tend to make relations more difficult to sustain, as it is. While things like infidelity, sticking to the past and not being respectful to each other can take a toll on relations money can be a major factor as well. In several instances, monetary factors have played a major role in worsening or killing relationships.

7 Ways In Which Money Related Factors Can Take A Toll On Relationship:

Money Can Destroy Your Relationship

Young woman showing terrible bills to her husband

1. Difference

Having difference in monetary status is not exactly fault of either of the persons involved in a relationship. However, when you marry someone with extremely different monetary status that does affect the relation in long run. It does not matter what ethnicity of religion you have. If you have lavish spending habits and the spouse is frugal, problems are bound to happen. Unless the couples are both willing to make adjustments in lifestyle, spending habits and all, monetary difference can ruin a relation. This can often lead to ego issues and create a rift in relation.

2. Spendthrift Nature

Sometimes, spendthrift nature of anyone in a relation can kill the relation earlier than one can think. If the husband or wife has the habit of spending without planning and gets addicted to impulse buying, that may not go down well with the other one. Apart from raising the monthly household bill to insane levels, these habits can also create a split in the relationship. For couples with a kid, this can be even more problematic. Sadly, with lure of online shopping and credit card spreading everywhere, this is seen in many instances.

3. Debt

Conveniences offered by modern technology often make people overspend or buy without thinking. If you find your spouse is incurring debt owing to his or her spending habits, that may irk you. Debts can crop up over time in most cases but at times, certain circumstances can make people land in debt traps. If this goes on unabated, this can affect the relation adversely. A lot of relations go sour when the husband or wife finds out that they have run into debt owing to irresponsible spending habit of the spouse. This paves way for the ego issues to creep in.

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4. Hiding

In some cases, when one of the spouses figure out their spending habits do not go down well with the other one, they start hiding facts. They think it is the best way to make the relation survive. From credit card bills to impulse buying, they try to put things under wraps. Needless to say, this cannot go on forever, no matter however clever or careful one is! When the partner finds out about this hiding part, that marks the onset of fights over trust issues. In most cases, it can affect the relation adversely. Hiding monetary habits does not work out and it eventually makes things worse for everyone.

5. Having Joint Accounts

Having joint accounts with your spouse is fine when both of you are matured and have at least similar spending habits. Opening a joint account with your spouse without checking and analyzing these factors just out of love can be a very foolish step. Yet, a lot of couples make the mistake. When you do this and one of the partner spends without thinking, that inevitably leads to clashes. So, for working couples it is better and practical to operate single accounts. However, sometimes you may also keep both single and joint accounts where you mutually agree to use the joint account only for saving purposes and urgent needs.

6. Money Centric Nature

It is okay to focus on your career and ultimately no one can ignore material gains in life. However, some relationships fail because one of the partners focus too much on earning money. It is okay to have career goals but you should ensure that the partner is not getting left out owing to your focus on earning more. There are instances when men or women take part time jobs along with main job to earn more and this leads to the spouse getting aloof gradually. Conjugal bliss cannot be fulfilled entirely by things that money can buy. So, it is necessary to have a balance between professional and personal life.

7. Borrowing

Sometimes, aspects related to borrowing money can also lead to problems in relationships. It is true that you may have to borrow money from various sources under tough and unforeseen situations. For example, an emergency medical situation or natural calamity may force you borrow money from many sources. However, sometimes when you borrow money from certain people that may not be well accepted by the spouse. In some instances, this has affected relationships adversely.

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