How Smartphone Addiction Has Affected Our Life

Very few people had any inkling about how communication and lifestyle choices will be affected by the mobile phone when it was invented. The first generation mobile phones made communication quicker and better. However, the advent and growth of smartphones changed the way people live, slowly but assuredly. For billions of people it is near impossible to manage their work and life without their smart phones. They depend on the pocket sized touch screen devices to manage numerous aspects of life. While the advantages offered by smartphones are undeniable, it also makes sense to analyze the overall impact the devices have on your life!

Smartphone Has Affected Our Life

The Effects Smartphone Usage Has Cast On Your Life

1. Fast Paced Life

You may have heard people coming to top metros often saying how fast the life is in those cities compared to other areas. The truth is, using a smart phone makes you get habituated to a fast paced life, to an extent, even if you do not live in a metro. With more and more apps becoming available to take care of needs like shopping, booking tickets and services and performing banking-you tend to do things on the move. This was not possible even a few years back, but people are getting habituated at doing things in a fast paced and mobile way!

2. Impact on Social Life

Earlier, people had fewer choices than either meeting others in person or calling them up for various socializing needs. Sometimes, it was almost mandatory to go out for such needs. But after the advent of Smartphones things have changed drastically. While Smartphones help you connect with people living in remote countries, they also impact socializing. A lot of people use apps like Skype, Whatsapp and Viber socialize with colleagues and friends rather than meeting them in persons. While this makes things easier for people, the digital aspect makes people more isolated eventually.

3. Impact Within The Family

Excessive dependence on smart phones not only affects social relationships, but it can also affect interaction between parents and kids. Most present generation parents, being tech savvy cannot simply do without their Smartphones or tablets. This dependence eventually affects the interactions they have with kids. Most parents find increasingly diminishing time to spend with kids minus distractions. These distractions are caused mostly by smart phones! It is hard to enjoy a family dinner without interruptions caused by messages, calls and social media updates. Parents fiddling with their Smartphones end up spending less time with their kids- which can have an impact in the long run.

4. Impact on Health

The debate on the impact of cell phone radiation on human brain and risk of cancer is an incessant one. While there are contrasting findings of studies conducted on the topic, there is no denying the long term effects on health smart phone usage can have. Those who suffer from weight gain caused by a sedentary lifestyle and lack of activity may fare worse after getting addicted to the conveniences offered by smart phones! Nowadays, you can buy and order pretty much anything online. From pizzas to movie tickets and under garments there is hardly anything that cannot be bought with your cell phone. With everything available a few taps away it makes people unwilling to go out for various needs and in a way Smartphone usage enforces sedentary lifestyle on users.

5. Less Free Time

Everyone, irrespective of qualification, age and likings need to spend some time doing things he or she likes. But Smartphones prove to be a distraction in your free time. Instead of reading a book that is resting on your shelves for quite some time, you feel the urge to check new texts in Whatsapp or look at the new Facebook noto9fications, eventually, you find less time for your hobbies.

6. Prone To Mishaps

While this has got more to do with lack of attention on the user’s part, after growth of Smartphone usage- instances of accidents and mishaps outdoors have gone up. People get so obsessed about taking selfies or checking messages when they are outside-they become less oblivious of what is happening around. These devices tend to absorb most of your attention- eventually making you ill equipped to react to events and things around.