How Surrogacy Gives New Life To Intended Parents

Surrogacy is an extremely controversial issue today. A lot of infertile couples who want to have a baby can opt for surrogacy as a way out and have a baby of their own, but yes, just like any other medical procedure, this one too, has its share of pros and cons.

Here we’ve put down some of the many reasons why surrogacy could be a great option for couples wanting to have a baby, and how it can actually give a new life to the intended parents.

Psychological Impacts

The decision of having a baby and starting a family is probably the toughest one for most people- bringing up a child means tons of responsibilities. However, the realisation of not being able to conceive can be heart-wrenching for most couples.


The stress of not being able to have a baby can sometimes create emotional disturbances for both, and may also create a negative impact on the relationship between them. Not being able to conceive can put the aspiring mother in particular, at a risk of suffering from depression and other mental problems.

The possibility of having a child through surrogacy could in turn, prove to be a great ray of hope for the intended parents. It may not just strengthen them emotionally as an individual, but also as a couple.

The Joy of Having a Baby

The joy of having a baby through surrogacy when there was practically no hope earlier can also be quite fulfilling for aspiring parents. Surrogacy basically becomes a means of attaining parenthood for the couple, which can bring an immense amount of joy to the couple.

Many men also tend to have low sperm count, and having a baby could be a doubtful issue for such men. That’s when surrogacy and invitro fertilization can help- it could help men with lower sperm counts be able to father a child biologically.

One of the best benefits of opting for surrogacy is the fact that it can help couples become parents of a child that is biologically their own- and shares their own bloodline, which is not always observed in case of adopting a child, which is the second most common option infertile parents choose to opt for.

Reduced Medical Risks

Many women are unable to conceive due to certain problems with the reproductive system. In many cases, having a pregnancy can actually be dangerous to the mother’s life. In such cases, surrogacy can prove to be a sigh of relief.
Opting to have a baby by taking help of a surrogate mother could definitely reduce the risks associated with pregnancy, and can help the mother enjoy the joys of parenting in a much more fulfilling way.

Surrogacy can ensure that the baby gets a healthy environment to grow in, and will be delivered in a healthy way without the risk of complications associated with the pregnancy. This way, both the biological mother and the baby will be healthy, and a stronger, better mother-child relationship can be established.

Needless to say, surrogacy is actually a great option for aspiring parents who are infertile or have other problems associated with conceiving. It is best to have a talk with a reproductive specialist regarding opting for surrogacy. Several other important factors are also needed to be taken into consideration, including choosing a surrogate mother, bearing the costs of surrogacy and having the legal paperwork done appropriately.

But in short, surrogacy does help parents who want to have a baby in a million ways, and gives them a chance to experience the joys of transitioning into parenthood.