How To Avoid Suspicion and Paranoia

Ever thought why kids are so carefree, joyous and full of life? At the risk of oversimplifying it here’s what’s perhaps the basis of it: kids don’t judge anybody and they don’t have any fear. Suspicion and paranoia behavior can cause a lot of damage to you and to people who love you. It can cause the closes relationship to break apart and lower your self-esteem. Therefore, it is important to stay away from such behavior and personality disorder. Here are a few ways to avoid suspicion and paranoia personality disorder in your life.

What you accept, you go beyond

The first step would be to accept that you have a problem of suspicion or at worst paranoia personality disorder. There is a thin line between being protective and suspicious. Mostly, you would mistake your suspicious behavior for protective behavior.
Ask yourself some questions to find out if you have a suspicious behavior.

  • Do you send message or call someone constantly to find out where they are and what they are doing in the day
  • Do you find it difficult to trust your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or best friend
  • Do you feel a lot of insecurity and feel very uncomfortable when you see your boyfriend and girlfriend talking or spending time with the opposite sex.
  • Do you find it difficult to open up to your close ones because you fear that them may cheat you or take advantage of your vulnerability?

If answers to above questions are yes, then you might be suffering from suspicion or paranoia. Most importantly, accept to change.


Find out the reason for your behavior

Now find out the reason for your suspicion and paranoia. This is important to nail down the problem. It could be to do with anything. Mostly it has to do with your past. The most probable causes are traumatized childhood or someone cheated on you or broke your trust in past relationship. You might have been a victim of physical abuse or sexual abuse in your childhood by a close one. You may think that you have even forgotten about the incident but these thoughts enters your subconscious minds and guides your conscious minds even when you grow up without your awareness. Your subconscious mind is very vulnerable in your childhood or in a relationship. Any strong thought can easily enter your subconscious mind and stays there for many years until you consciously remove it or modify it.

Past life regression

If you do not find above reasons valid then consider the option of going for past life regression session. This may seem absurd to you but many times our behavioral problems in our current life are linked to our previous life. If you are a non-believer in past life, read more about it to educate yourself. Many doctors and scientists have validated the existence of past life. Renowned psychologists like Dr Brian Weiss have written numerable books about past life and the importance of past life regression in current life.
Past life regression, has helped innumerable people to over come the behavioral roadblocks people face in their current life.

Let go

Once you know the reason, it is very important to let go off the feeling and forgive the person or situation that caused you to become suspicious or paranoid. Forgiving has a huge power. It helps you more than the person who caused you some pain. Many times, we carry undue baggage on our shoulders because of our past experiences just because we did not forgive. Forgiving does not mean just making the other person feel ok or forgetting about the situation and moving on. It in its true essence means to let go off the pain first and then forgive. Unless you have not let go off the pain that was caused to you, you cannot forgive truly. Therefore, forgiving is not for the other person but for you.

Build your confidence

Suspicion and paranoia mostly stems from some sort of insecurity and lack of belief in you. Therefore, it is important to build your confidence and self-belief in order to avoid suspicious or paranoia behavior in future. Building confidence is not about looking good or presenting better and talking good. It is about being comfortable with who you are from inside. Build yourself inside out not outside in. Learn to calm yourself and appreciate for who your are as a person. Most importantly, love yourself. If you cannot love yourself, no one else can.

Listen to your soul

Whenever you are in doubt, look within and not outside. If you learn to connect with your soul, nothing will be able to bother you. If you feel insecurity in your relationship, ask your self for the true answers. Learn to listen to your soul. Your soul will never guide you into wrong path. Your soul will always tell you what you need to hear. Meditate and ask your souls to help you with the correct decision before you sleep. You should have the answer next morning when you get up.

Indulge in other activities

Empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Therefore, indulge yourself into activities like swimming, painting, reading self-help books to think more constructively. There is more to life than just thinking about some situation or some person. Doing other activities will not only help you to keep your mind busy but will also build your confidence level. Whenever, you feel down or low, get up and start doing some activity. Do not let the thought consume your mind. Once the thought comes in your mind, it becomes like a whirlpool in which you are sucked in. Therefore, the trick should be to get up and do something at that very moment. However, focus to do only constructive activity. Do not indulge in consuming alcohol, smoking or listening to sad music. This only makes the matter worse. Read a book, preferably self-help, go out for dinner with your friends or watch a comedy show to shake yourself up.