How To Be A Good Parent To Your Adolescent

You may have changed diapers, cleaned up the poo and done a lot for your little baby. But what is it about teenage that scares not just you, but almost all parents around the world? Adolescence marks the age of maturity of your child, and your little one is now officially growing up to be an individual with his own identity. As your kid struggles through this difficult yet important stage of life, it is important for you as a parent to be with him. Keep reading to know more about it all.


One of the basic rules of good parenting is to not just say, but listen. A lot of parents tend to have a problematic relationship with their children, just because they refuse to listen to what their kids have to say, and just have their own strong opinions about how their kids should behave. Make sure you give your kid a chance to speak and voice his own opinion- atleast try to understand his point of view on a situation you are having a disagreement about.

Mom with Teen

Set Rules

You may want to be a good parent, but that doesn’t mean you have to say ‘yes’ to everything your kid demands. As a parent, it is essential that you set some rules, especially when it comes to school work and hanging out with friends. Sit down with your kid and list down the priorities- this will keep your kid focused and in a better frame of mind.

Go Easy

Another important rule for good parenting is to go easy with your kid- don’t get obsessed with ruling his life- allow him to choose his own friends, shop for himself, choose his own foods (sometimes) and make decisions about his career. As a parent, your key idea should be to guide your kid towards the right and help him understand why a particular situation could be the best for him, but at the end, it is best that you let the decision rest in his own hands.

Don’t Manipulate

At times, you may want to become manipulative to handle a difficult or fussy kid. Well, that is one of the worst things you could do when it comes to parenting- if you do manage to convince your kid to go your way, remember that it will not last long, and one fine day, your child will finally do what he wants to. Instead, attempt to understand your kid’s point of view and make him understand yours- mutual co-operation and understanding is the key to solving problems in not just a parent child relationship, but any other relationship too.


If you haven’t really paid attention to spending some quality time with your child, now’s the perfect time to do it. It will improve the trust factor between you and your child, and will also keep a healthy relationship between you both, which is definitely worth it.

Pick your Battles

No one likes an overly obsessed person, so make sure you aren’t fussing about every random thing with your teen. Focus on stuff you won’t tolerate- grades, alcohol and cigarettes. That way, your kid is more likely to follow what you suggest. Allow him to make his own decisions when it comes to small matters such as dressing up, choosing his friends etc.


The last but not the least, keep monitoring your child carefully- it will keep you updated about the happenings of your child’s life that you may want to know about. It will probably also help you strengthen the bond with your growing teen.