How To Be a Government Spokesperson

People opt for various types of career options nowadays and a job in any government department can be both prestigious and monetarily rewarding. However, the job of a government spokesperson is a responsible one and it requires more than just qualification to get into such a position. It can be quite taxing at times and handling media persons and officials at various levels require versatility and diplomatic skills. To get into such a position, you need to develop specific skills and obtain the required qualification.

How To Be a Government Spokesperson

4 Guidelines One Can Follow To Become A Government Spokesperson:

  1. Qualification– To pursue a career as a Government Spokesperson you need to possess a certain level of educational qualification. Generally, you can apply for such positions when you possess at least a university degree in communication, English or journalism. A background or even internship experience in radio and print media can be advantageous for you.
  2. Communication skills- A government spokesperson should have stellar communication skills- both written and oral. Speaking English fluently is a must have for this job and knowledge of other languages comes as a bonus. It can be quite a stressful job and keeping calm while conveying things is a prerequisite.
  3. Background check- Nowadays, nearly any job involves a background assessment of the candidate and for vital posts in any government this is mandatory. To qualify for such posts, you will have to undergo thorough security investigation and residential status investigation.
  4. Experience– A fresh college pass out may not be able to apply for the position of a government spokesperson, no matter how qualified he or she is! Near about 10 years of experience in public relations, communication, legislation is required. Experience in supervisory and management is also necessary. Expertise in dealing with financial subjects can be useful in this regard.

Getting Appointed

The rules may vary a little from one country to another, but in general, executive director of a government is the person who appoints the government spokesperson. In a few countries, it is the regional minister who acts as the government spokesperson. In the USA, the Press Secretary assumes this role.

Official Nuances

As a matter of fact, a government spokesperson is assigned the communications department in the government. In other words, he or she acts as the head of the government’s communication department. It is a fully fledged administrative unit with a number of staffs appointed to assist the spokesperson including a secretary, security, IT staffs etc. A section of staffs have the responsibility to document everyday’s proceedings and developments. These staffs have to report to the spokesperson regularly, as it is.

What A Government Spokesperson Needs To Do

As a government spokesperson, one needs to manage and look into several activities including public affairs, media relations, community involve and legislation related matters. Sometimes, they have to attend and arrange for press meets to announce the urgent development and government directives. Communication is the key word behind all such activities. Sometimes, it can be quite tough dealing with rumors spread in the media or internet and the spokesperson has to answer the queries of media at various levels about the stance of the government.

The government spokesperson also plays a vital role in maintaining correspondence between various departments of the government. He or she also needs to keep the president updated about important activities of the government as well as any upcoming event.


As it is natural, the remuneration of a government spokesperson can be pretty high. It can start from $50,000 and go up to 5 times. Besides, there are bonus and perks associated with these positions.