How To Care For Aging Parents

Are you caring for an aging parent? Are you trying to make life easier for an elderly loved one? Do you need some ideas to help an aging parent navigate? If so, consider these surefire tips that are guaranteed to make things easier for them:

1.)  Update Their Home

If your loved one has arthritis, consider updating the house to make it safer and easier to navigate. Consider replacing doorknobs with lever door handles, which are easier to grasp. You may want to consider doing the same for faucets. Place slip-resistant surfaces across the floors to help your parents navigate the house. (Non-skid mats will also do the trick.) Install grab bars around the toilet and shower to help prevent falls, and add non-slip strips to the bottom of the tub. You can also replace a toilet with a higher model to make it easier to use. Also, make sure to set the water heater at a temperature that isn’t too hot so that they won’t risk getting burned when taking a bath or shower.

Senior Couple Talking To Financial Advisor At Home

2.)  Involve Them in a Support Group

It can be difficult for elderly parents to adjust to needing extra help with shopping, housework, and other day-to-day activities, so you may want to consider hiring a part-time helper to aid them in cooking and cleaning. Additionally, since health problems may make them less mobile than before, make sure that they don’t feel isolated and alone. Look into ways for your parents to be involved with a support group for people their age so that they can still be socially active. You can also look into involving them in an activity such as a knitting, gardening, or reading club. Try to find ways for them to do what they enjoy, even if they can’t be as active as before.  You might also want to consider a support group for yourself, filled with others caring for aging parents who can offer sympathy and support.

3.)  Replace shopping with subscriptions

In the past, subscriptions used to be limited to newspapers and magazines. Today, you can order a subscription service for everything under the sun. Subscriptions can be set to renew automatically, and they are easy to manage and keep track of. You can get subscriptions for common things, such as your parents’ medicine, as well as things you might not think of, such as air filters. Subscriptions are a great way to simplify your parent’s life through handing items delivered to their door instead of picked up from a store. Subscription services can simplify their lives through having everything shipped to one place, instead of picked up from countless stores.

4.)  Keep Simple Meals on Hand

Since extensive cooking may be too taxing for your loved one, be sure to keep simple meals and snacks on hand. You can stock the fridge with juice and protein smoothies, place fresh fruit in a bowl, and keep an array of healthy snacks like cheese, crackers, and vegetables on hand.

5.)  Consider Buying Them a Pet

If your parent is an animal person, think about buying them a cat or lap dog. Having an animal can help keep them from feeling as lonely, and taking care of it can help them feel more involved.