How To Celebrate Diwali In A Different Way

Diwali is the festival of lights and everyone looks forward to waiting for the sun to set so they can pull out those fun, crackling fireworks and create a lovely spectacle in the skies. But what if you could do something different this time? Something that would give you a more memorable and enjoyable festival. Would you be up for it? If you are, here are a couple of ways in which you can celebrate Diwali in a different manner this year

1. Make The Day Special For Others, Not Just Yourself

diwali celebration

There are numerous ways of doing this, but it’s best to begin at home. So go give your mother a hand in the kitchen rather than just gobbling down the food. Even if you can’t cook, spending time in the kitchen may help you learn something. If that doesn’t work, at least you will have spent quality time with the person who tires herself all day to make your Diwali special. Cleaning utensils, passing items or just standing and chatting with your mom while she cooks is enough to put a smile on her face, show her you care and bring the two of you closer.

2. Welcome Others Into Your Comfort Zone

Hindu devotees participate in religious ritual celebrating Diwali festival

Hindu devotees participate in religious ritual celebrating Diwali festival

Though this is a festival of cheer and joy, there are many in our country and locality who are incapable of enjoying the extravagance this season offers. So why not try to celebrate this Diwali with the less fortunate ones in our locality and make their distant dream a reality. Doing this will truly make a difference, not just in their lives but in yours too.

3. Be Creative

Diwali Rangoli

Don’t stick to the traditional. This can be a little too routine. Pick up some fresh flowers from the garden and go around the house, putting them in places that could use a little color. Do a Rangoli at the entrance and try and make your home as beautiful as you can.

4. Extend Your Family


Diwali is a time for families, but did we ever stop to think about those people who don’t have a family? If possible, why not have a house-full this Diwali and invite some of these people to be a part of your celebrations. After all, you know what they say – the more the merrier. Whether you invite the folks from old age homes or orphanages or just the poor neighbour who isn’t capable of having a gala time, try bringing happiness into their lives this Diwali.

Apart from this, given that our world seems to be heading toward global warming, perhaps we could be a little more environmentally conscious this Diwali and try to celebrate the festival in a greener manner. Here are some of the ways we can do this:

  • Light up your place with earthen lamps or candles instead of choosing electrical lights. Candles and diyas have a certain charm to them that electrical lamps do not possess. But more than that, this will drastically reduce your electricity consumption
  • Though crackers are a part of every Diwali celebration, going in for environment friendly crackers would be a nice change. If that doesn’t work, you should consider giving up crackers altogether.
  • If you are hoping to spice up your home, using eco-friendly paints would be a good option. Similarly, when it comes to rangoli, try and use natural colours made from food items and other spices to have a cleaner and greener Diwali.

These are some ways in which you can make your Diwali different this year and perhaps, far more rewarding than other years. So go ahead and have a memorable Diwali this season.