How To Choose A Hypnotherapy Course

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a hypnotist for some time and are at the stage where you’re looking for a course it can be daunting to try and choose the right course for you.

Entry requirements for courses vary dramatically with some courses needed you to have undergone basic training before you will be accepted and others not needing any experience at all.

With so many courses to choose from and so many hypnosis practitioners offering their services knowing which qualification will allow you to practise in the area that you want to work in is harder than ever.

Here are some questions to ask when choosing a hypnotherapy course and what you should expect the answers to be:

How many hours of training will I receive?

It is generally advised that you complete a minimum of 100 hours of training before becoming a qualified hypnotist. This should include around 75 hours in a classroom being taught be a qualified hypnosis practitioner.

What will I be qualified in?


With so many types of hypnosis qualification on offer you need to find out exactly what you will be qualified to practice. You should also find out who is awarding the certificate which should be an internationally recognised hypnosis association, such as the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Will I be able to practice once I’m qualified?

Usually the aim of becoming qualified in something is so you can offer it as a service to others, so make sure you qualification will allow you to do that. Although the practise is largely unregulated there are some countries where practising hypnotists must meet strict requirements.

Will I get hands on training?

Most hypnotherapy associations advise that pupils spend time both giving and experiencing hypnotherapy during their training. This is why online or postal courses are not promoted by recognised associations.

Who will be teaching me?

Unfortunately as hypnotherapy is largely unregulated there are a lot of ‘certified instructors’ whose qualifications aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Asking whether your instructor is registered with an internationally recognised association should weed out the fakers.

Is there a course outline I can review before signing up?

Before you hand over your cash you’ll want to know exactly what you’re paying for. You might find that the course doesn’t cover what you want to know or that it doesn’t go into enough detail. If the company refuses to hand over course details before they receive payment then you know not to trust them.

Exactly how much will the course cost?

You want a clear, definite answer to this question and ignore anyone who lays on the hard sell techniques. You should pay a fair price for your hypnotherapy training and be wary of anything that seems too cheap or too expensive.

Also ask what is included in the costs as most reputable centres offer course materials such as books, CDs, and other supplies as part of the overall tuition fee.