How To Choose Your Baby’s Gender Before Conception

Despite the controversy surrounding people’s attempt to find out the gender of a baby before birth and theories against and for it, the practice is existent. While you cannot say with certainty whether a child you want to conceive would have a gender of your choice, there are certain factors that can increase the possibility of having either boy or girl child.

Things To Remember If You Want To Have A Male Child

When you want to have a male child, remember that sperms carrying Y chromosome, which eventually leads to male gender are different in nature compared to those sperms carrying X chromosome. Usually, Y sperms are agile and smaller and so reach the egg faster. However, the X sperms are longer lasting.

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Below listed are factors that play a crucial role in conceiving a child that is male:

Diet and PH Balance

To make the Y sperm reach the egg, maintaining alkaline PH balance in the body is more required than acidic. This can be done by making alterations in your diet. You can include foods like peaches, bananas and meat that contain sodium and potassium.

Mind The Timing

Time plays a vital role when you want the Y sperm to beat the X sperm from reaching the egg. This essentially boils down to scheduling intercourse close to the day the woman ovulates.

The Right Posture

The sexual posture also plays a pivotal role in determining whether the Y sperm reaches the egg or not. Choosing a posture allowing deep penetration is important. It is necessary that the man reaches orgasms as close as possible to the neck of the cervix.

Curious as it may sound, if the woman in intercourse reaches orgasm faster than man it enhances the possibilities of having a male child. The secretions happening inside the vagina during orgasm shift pH balance to an enhanced alkaline level. This makes a conductive environment for the Y sperm to fertilize the egg.

Things To Remember If You Want To Have A Female Child

Not every couple wants to have a male child. If you want a baby girl to brighten up your home and make conjugal life more fulfilled, there are certain measures you can try. Again, you need to remember these factors do not necessarily ensure the child will be a girl. However, adopting those measures can enhance the likelihood of having a girl child.

Choose The Right Type Of Foods

To ensure the x sperms reach the egg after intercourse, your body should have suitable PH balance. It is necessary that the environment is more acidic. For this, you need to eat foods like broccoli, fish and apples. You also need to consume a lot of dairy products. You need to eat magnesium and calcium rich foods. It is also recommended to eat sweets.

Pick The Suitable Time

Just like the case with Y sperm, for the X sperm you need to pick the right time for an intercourse. You need to plan the intercourse at a time when the Y sperm is unlikely to survive. This essentially means you need to have an intercourse two days before ovulation on an average. Remember that sperm can sustain in the body for 5 days or so. X sperms outlive Y sperms.

Get The Right Posture

You have to get the right sexual position to give x sperms precedence over Y sperms. For this, you have to opt for sexual positions enabling shallow penetration. A position where the man does not eventually reach orgasm deep inside the vagina will be right. You are basically trying to ensure longer living X sperms outlast short living Y sperms before reaching the egg.

Orgasm Schedule

It may not be always feasible for a couple to maintain who will reach orgasm first during intercourse, but it is a factor behind deciding the gender of the child to be born! You need to keep in mind, despite maintaining the other factors like diet and sexual positions, the woman reaching orgasm can change the picture. When the woman reaches orgasms before the man the PH level inside her vagina starts changing owing to the secretions. Before orgasm, the environment inside the vagina is acidic and it is ideal for sperm carrying X chromosome. However, once the woman reaches orgasm, it becomes alkaline slowly. This can reduce the chance of X sperm failing to fertilize.

Resorting To Technology

While resorting to age old and tried methods to enhance the potential of female or male child is fine, you can also resort to technology to determine the gender of the baby. Microsort is one such method that can be deployed to separate female sperm from male counterparts. It works best when applied with IVF. It is, however undergoing clinical trial by the FDA. Other prevalent methods for choosing the gender of the child include PGD as well as CVS.