How To Cope With Empty Nest Syndrome

There was a time when parents were left alone only if their sole daughter got married. Times have changed; so have the scenarios. Now, kids leave their home as early as they finish their Class XII or even earlier, forcing their parents to be the victims of what is commonly called as the Empty Nest Syndrome. This is an inevitable stage, but then not an unmanageable one. While the transition is filled with a feeling of aloofness, there is a certain level of excitement involved in it. And, that is the positive element in it.

So, how to cope up with this condition? Here is a short guide that could give you some insight into this process.

Empty Nest Syndrome

  1. Accept the condition

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to accept the condition. Your kids are not leaving you; they are perching to another level of life to move ahead. And it is a decision that has been taken over a period of time, which means you have enough time to accept it mentally. It is a tough task, but not a non-feasible one.

  1. Redefine your roles in life

All these days you have been a father and mother to your kids. It is now time you start redefining your roles. You are a brother or sister, wife or husband, and a son or daughter too. You are friend; you are employee; you are a dance; you are a yogini… and what not. Think about the various roles you are playing and structure your life again, in a different way.

  1. Create your new list of interests

You would compromised on lots of things and interests so that you could take care of your kids. Now that they are ready to fly, it is time you revisit those interest areas. A decade or two of parenting might leave you feeling rusted, but you can start exploring and exploiting the occasion to rise up to yourself. If you had been passionate about dancing or yoga or any other arts and crafts, it is time you go back to them. It will not only help you to mitigate that feeling of loneliness, but also peps you up and reenergizes you.

  1. Start doing yoga

Yoga is perhaps one of the best solutions for coping up with any kind of issues you face in life, physically as well as psychologically. You may feel that yoga is just twists and turns. But no! These twists and turns are examples of how life changes at various modes and how you need to adapt at each turning point. The breathing patterns take you into a deeper level of life. Practicing meditation regularly will help you combat depressed induced by the Empty Nest Syndrome and allows you to come out of the same in a very peaceful way.

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  1. You are not alone; so find a group

You are not the sole person in this world who is experiencing this condition. There are countless men and women across the world who are sailing in the same boat right at the moment; there will be others who have crossed the river too. So, just find out who is there. Internet is one of the best friends you can rely on at the moment. There are countless groups online that could offer you support, provided you do not want to interact with a physical group. You will always be able to download your emotional burden and lighten up yourself with such friends. The mutual support and consoling words will help you cope up with this condition in a better way.

  1. Take a professional help

Many a time, you will still feel lost after trying all these tips that has been outlined above. In such cases, do not hesitate to seek for a professional help. There are countless therapists available with whom you could share your thoughts and feelings. Or, there are alternative healing sessions which you could try such as hypnotherapy. They also help you let go off all such negative attitudes and rejuvenate your soul.


We all love to be in our comfortable state always. But, change is inevitable; change is daunting also. So, let us be practical. It does take time to familiarize and get cozy, but if you are ready for it, then it becomes simple. So, relax, accept, and move out of your empty nest. Life is short and there is so much to do…. Why waste the time?