How To Deal With a Drunk Night

You wake up at 10 in the morning on the bed with a severe headache. You are yet to figure out why your head is aching so severely. Not able to figure out, you think it would be a good idea to pop a pain killer to get rid of this annoying pain. Eyes half closed and barely able to see, while still lying, you try and reach out to the drawer next to your bed. You grope for it but the drawer isn’t there. Perhaps you are still a bit far from it. So you drag yourself towards the edge of the bed to reach out to the drawer. The drawer is still not there. Now you are wondering how this could be possible. It had always been there and there is no way someone could have moved it. So your rub your eyes to see more clearly. Things are looking a bit different. You look around and there is someone on the bed. This is the shock of your life. The person is someone who you had never seen or known in your entire life. You can’t believe it. And then suddenly it dawns upon you. You were out with your friends last night on a binge. You were having tequila shots after shots. Beyond that, everything seems to be blacked out. You don’t remember anything.

Try And Figure Out Your Current State

Now that you know that you ended up in bed with someone, that you drank all night long, that you were completely out of your mind, and that you don’t remember anything, try and connect some dots. Perhaps you may want to wake the other person up and ask him how you got there. This could be an embarrassing situation but what’s done is done, you can’t change it. Think about what’s next. There is no point feeling guilty about it because you had no clue as you were not in control.

The situation that is being imagined here happens in the rarest of the rare scenarios. In most of the cases, you will not end up in bed with a total stranger. Most likely, you will be in your own bed knowing not how you got there. Or you would be at your friend’s place, who was kind enough to lend you a hand when you had no clue what you were doing. However, if you got unlucky and now there is a total stranger with you on the bed, who you in most likelihood slept with, act accordingly. Perhaps you may not want to wake up the stranger and sneak out of the house without letting them know at all. If you don’t know the person, perhaps you would not want to be known to them too after this incidence.

Here Are Some Ways To Deal With The Hangover

Let’s assume that the rarest of the rare things did not happen and you ended up spending the night at your friend’s house or better in your own house. The next thing you want to do is deal with the drunken night. With such a heavy head, there is little you can do to help yourself immediately. It will take its time to go. But you can do a few things which will make you feel a bit relieved. Do not pop a pain killer immediately after getting up. Instead drink some water and prepare a cup of tea or coffee for yourself. It will make you a bit relieved. The idea is to take care of yourself.

Drink A Lot of Water

drink water

Alcohol dehydrates you heavily. Dehydration worsens the hangover. If you had taken a lot of water after drinking, you would have felt better. But you don’t even know what you did last night, how could you have drunk water. Now you have to deal with the way you are now. Even if you did not drink water last night, drink it now. Drink as much water as you can. A good idea would be to drink a liter of water within 15 minutes and then drink another liter within one hour. You can’t drink 2 liters at once as it will bloat you. Even after one hour keep drinking water in small amounts. The faster you hydrate yourself the better you will feel.

Don’t Refrain From Eating

eating during hangover

A lot of people avoid eating during hangover. This is because you don’t feel like eating at that time. In fact, you feel like throwing up therefore you can’t think about eating. This is perhaps a big mistake you can make. Empty stomach will not help you fight the hangover. Even if you are not feeling hungry, force yourself to eat. Once you have eaten, it will definitely feel better. You don’t necessarily have to eat something heavy. Something light but nutritious will do. You can have a glass of milk or juice too. If you feel like taking a pain killer, do it only after having eaten something. Before eating, if you are feeling like throwing up, do it. It will make you feel better.

Take A Good Long Shower


Take a good shower for a long time. Stand under the shower for 10-15 minutes. It will help you feel light and will fight the hangover too. During summers, taking cold water shower could help a great deal. Of course during winters you will have to take hot water shower.