How To Deal With a Threat

There are many types of threats that you may face in your life. Some people face threats related to their health. There are many who face threats pertaining to their jobs. Some are threatened by others, which risks their personal safety. We are going to talk about the threat which is either risking your personal safety or the personal safety of your family member. Such a threat is from another individual or a group of people who have mal-intentions to either harm you due to a personal enmity or to get something out of you (money or property). Whatever is the threat about; you have to know how to deal with it so that your and your family’s safety is not jeopardized.

Types of Personal Threats

Threats could be primarily of two types. One threat is where you have to react immediately and act spontaneously. For instance, let’s say you get late in the office due to some extra work. It is 1 am in the night and now you are going back home from work. Your house is not too far from the office and you think that it will be a good idea to walk back. While walking back, you have to pass through an alley. From a distance you see 3-4 people who are looking rather harmless. However, when you walk by them they stop you and pull a knife at you. This is a situation where you will have to think and act instantly.


Consider another situation. Let’s say you are about to make a decision about something which is for the welfare of a lot of people. At the same time it will affect some people who are taking illegal benefits from the thing about which you are going to make the decision. They will no longer be able to make money after your decision. Due to this you are constantly getting threatening calls and messages to discourage you from making the decision. This is the threat situation where you don’t have to think or act instantly.

Find Out The Reasons For Threat

Regardless whether the threat demands an instant action or delayed one, you will need to find out the reason for the threat. Someone who is threatening you will not do it for fun (unlikely). He or she will always have some motive. They will want to get something from you. Find out what is the threat about. If there is something they want to take from you and it is something that you can give easily without affecting others, it is better that you give it to them. It is more applicable in scenario one where you have been stopped by the hooligans. If they are asking you for money, your watch and your gold chain, give it to them. It is not more important than your life. If you want to take police action against them, you can only do that when you stay alive. The most important thing is staying alive. Look for the ways of survival.

Do You Think You Can Run?

You are not Arnold Schwarzenegger; you are a common man with common courage. You don’t want to act hero in situations like these. Many people try to become hero and either get severely injured or perhaps get killed too. It is better that you don’t meddle with people who have knives in their hands and blood in their head. Give them whatever they want at that moment, especially when it is not something which is affecting others. If it is your money, you will be able to earn it later. If, however, they take your life, you will never get it back. Before engaging them in a fight, think about your family and your well-wishers. They want you safe because they love you.

So the first thing is to figure out whether you can run or not. While they are threatening you, try and stay calm and look around for an escape route. They will try and surround you, but if they are just a few and not too many, see if you can run. If you are able to find an escape route, take it and run as fast as you can from there.

Try To Talk It Out

This could be a difficult thing to do but you never know how it may turn out. If someone is asking you for something at the point of the knife, he will most likely be a ruthless and kindles person. You can’t expect kindness from him. But still you can try and talk out. The point is that you must stay calm while talking to them. Ask them what they want and if there is any way they can leave you. Perhaps if you plead or try to talk out, they will take what they want and let you go.

Consult Someone Experienced About The Situation

This is only applicable when you are in a threat scenario number two which does not require instant action. Of course when you are surrounded and need instant thinking, you cannot request them to allow you to make a phone call and consult someone about dealing with the situation. However, in case two you will have time to think about the situation and consult others too. Consulting others may give you fair idea about dealing with the situation. Again if the person threatening you is asking you for something you can give, it is better that you give it. If you want to take the legal action, take it later on.