How To Deal With a Tiger Mom

There is nothing wrong with being a strict mother, but when some rules are forced on children and limit their liberty for doing certain personal things, then, it’s time that the children should find a way to stop their mom from buzzing around them.
Mostly the intention of such tiger moms has been never to hurt or pain their kids. Rather, they want them to be disciplined and excel in studies, sports and other activities. But their approach at times is so aggressive that instead of helping this discipline develops a sense of insecurity and distress in the minds of the children.

Dealing with a Tiger Mom

Every mother loves her children but the attitude of a tiger mom acts as a barrier between herself and the children and instead of the warmth and concern that is mostly behind the strict façade, all that is communicated to them is anger and irritation. So, if you have a mother who just keeps on pushing and nagging you for doing things, then here are few things you can do to stop it.

tiger mom

Tell Her How You Feel

Your mother is your well-wisher and no one can love you the way she does. So, if you talk to her sweetly when she is in her good mood and tell her that you do not like the way she behaves with you, she will understand it. Most mothers feel that they are doing a good job of acting as a strict mother but are unsure too. If you tell her how you want her to behave with you, she will get an idea about what is troubling you. For this, you should do a little preparation in your mind and come up with examples of her behaviour.

Be Honest with Her

If your mother is forcing you to do a drawing or music class and you do not have any interest in either of them, tell her honestly that you do not want to be a part of that class. She might have enrolled you because she has aims of turning you into a Mozart or Picasso, or her friends have done the same with their children. But you must tell her that you have different likings and instead would love to be a part of skating or football club, anything that really interests you.

Tell Her about Your Inadequacies

If she forces you to study more for getting good grades in studies, tell her the problems you face while studying or the particular subject you do not like. All mothers want their children to score top grades but if you are not up to it, tell her frankly that you are not good at particular subject and she should not have such impractical expectations from you neither should she force you to keep on studying when it is not really helping.

Ask For Help from Dad

Usually in households where father is away, working all through the day or even for nights if it is a travelling job, then, he is not aware of such problem between the mother and the child. You should take your father into confidence and tell him about your problem. He is the right person who can communicate and convince your mother to make changes in her behaviour and improve your relationship with her.

Go for a Fun-Trip

For working mothers who have to handle both the house front and the career, there is very little scope for enjoyment. This also makes her yell more at her children and force them to do certain things. To change this scenario, you must insist on going out for a fun-trip every now and then so that you can talk to her in a relaxed mood and build a better bonding.

Communicating your feelings and being honest with her can help you to deal with your tiger mom and make her understand about your likes, dislikes, limitations and interests.