How To Deal With Someone Who Is Going Through Unemployment Stress

In the ups and downs of life, people finding themselves in situations of unemployment have a hard time coping with the negative thoughts and lost self-confidence. At times like these, it’s absolutely imperative that such a person is treated with utmost positivity and support. Only through continuous support and motivation from his/her friends, peers and family members can the person get out of the phase and achieve what he/she deserves. It becomes the moral responsibility of not only the person, but also his loved ones to get him/her out of the darkness and into the light. For such situations we bring to you some tips and methodologies that you can use to benefit your loved one in the bad times.

1. Your Words Matter

Unemployment Stress

In times such as these, it is very important what all you talk about with the person. Some sensitive topics can easily get him/her further into depression. Here are some tips about what all should you talk about and/or avoid.

  • Listen More Than You Speak

This will be the most important and easiest methodology to use. At such times the person will have a lot of boxed up thoughts and confusing emotions which they need to let out. Once the confusing and hindering thoughts are out, they can think more straight and rationally.

  • Have A Jovial And Positive Aura About Yourself When Around Them

It will be a very bad idea to have a sad and gloomy mood around them as it can be absorbed very easily by that person in the given situation. So have a fun and genuinely jovial mood when you are with them.

  • Never Nag Or Blame Them Directly Or Indirectly, For The Situation

Blaming them in any manner that they “got themselves in this situation” or “they should have worked harder or more” will be the worst idea possible in the given scenario. You will not just lose the person, but the person will also lose himself. Don’t get him any conversations in which he further goes deep into depression considering the situation his/her own mistake.

  • Put Things In Perspective And Reward Them For Their Small Steps

At times like these, in all probability the person will not be able to see the silver lining in the dark cloud. It will be your part to make him show that. Congratulate him for the little things done, “ hey, I could have never made so many calls in a day”, “wow you are Extremely active, I don’t think anything can stop you!” Things like these can really make a difference.

  • Validate It And See That They Don’t Feel Ashamed

People going through such situations, mostly feel ashamed about their conditions. Make them understand that their condition is only a minor setback and they will only move forwards and upwards from this point. Make them feel that you are there for them and they can always count on you.

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2. Actions Matter, So Get Going!


  • Take The Initiative And Make Contact

In such depressing times, the person will have a confidence meltdown. It will be hard for him/her to contact people. The person will try to stay isolated and alone, which is very risky for him/her. The best will be to make contact yourself and talk. Make them feel that they are not alone. Not feeling alone will help boost their confidence many-fold and help them work more and in an efficient manner.

  • Exercise With Them

It is scientifically proven that doing physical exercise helps reduce stress to a considerable extent. Since the person will not be able to take such initiatives himself, it is up-to you to drag him out of the house and get him to work up his confidence. As his fitness will boost, so will his confidence. De-stressing will come fast and hard.

  • Get Them To Take Up Productive Hobbies For Their Free Time And Join In If Possible

Let’s face it, they really will have a lot of free time and they cannot really spend all the time searching for a job. Having a productive hobby will get the person take their mind off the stress of searching a job and get their neurons back in position and recharged. Helping him while he does it by joining in will be an added benefit.

  • Take Them Out For A Treat On A Minor Achievement

Even small treats will matter a lot in this situation. A minor achievement such as a confirmed interview calls for a treat as small as a pizza party. It will be the thought that will matter. The small gesture will be an immense confidence booster. Although, Keep the expenditure to such a minimum that both of you can split. You neither want to make him/her spend more or make the person feel down by spending it all yourself.

So, these were the various methods that you can put to use when one of your loved ones is going through the tough time of unemployment. Your support and initiatives can go a long way in getting the person out of sullen mood. Times always change and will do so, what’s important is that the person doesn’t lose himself in the times of depression. You can easily be a jack that the person needs and you can cherish in the happiness of the person you love get back on his feet again.