How To Deal With Surprise Guests

We all know the feeling of panic when someone calls you unexpectedly and announces you they are coming over. Worse than that are the people who just turn up on your door and invite themselves over.

But fear no more, it is possible to deal with the situation in style. Here are some simple tips for dealing with surprise guests.

Try To Keep Order

Naturally, you should try to keep your home relatively clean at all times. The easiest way of making sure your home looks presentable at all times is to try and keep it free from clutter. The more junk you have lying around the messier your home will look.

So invest into some good storage solutions and regularly keep your things hidden. Even if you haven’t just done the dusting or vacuumed the floors the overall look will be much cleaner.

surprise guest

Add Some Ambience

You can also calm down your own nerves and ensure the guest don’t notice the dust balls running around by using some clever ambiance tricks. For instance, if it is evening already then dim the lights up a little bit and light a few candles. Some lightly scented candles would also instantly improve the scent in your house.

You should also get yourself a good CD to play at the background. Perhaps you could get a jazz or blues album that can play at the background while you run around the kitchen thinking about what an earth to offer to your guests.

Make Use Of What You Got

The biggest panic we get often comes from the fact that we got no food or sweets to provide our guests with. If you literally have nothing on offer you should be honest about it but don’t make your guests feel like they shouldn’t have come (even if you think that!). Just explain them that this was a bit unexpected situation and ask if they want you to order a pizza, for example.

Generally you must have some basic ingredients that can turn into some good snacks to serve. For example, check out Real Simple’s recipes for using leftover turkey. You can really make lots of small finger sandwiches from different meats you might have in the fridge.

You can also make a really quick dessert from just eggs and sugar. Merengue is a sweet recipe that only requires these two ingredients. Make a big merengue base and top it with some fruit or berries that you might have.

You most likely also got a few red wine gift bottles for Christmas and you can just open up one for adding some glamour to their visit. You can even mix it with some orange juice and ice to create a simple version of the Spanish Sangria drink and make the bottles last longer.

Be Prepared

Naturally, the best idea is to prepare for the surprise guests well in advance. We all know that occasionally someone will surprise you like this, so you might as well be prepared. Always have some cookies and ice cream on the freezer, for instance. You could also just bake some simple finger foods and freeze them.

This way you can just take them out and heat in the oven and your guests think you are a true house goddess.

Janine Richardson is always looking for tips on the internet for keeping her house in order. She also loves cooking and baking and thus has a freezer full of foods waiting to be served. When she isn’t thinking about cooking or cleaning she likes to spend time reading fantasy novels.