How To Get A Great Job In A Recession

A recession can be bad news for anyone but it comes as a bolt from blue for employees undergoing cost cutting as an after effect. It can also come as a dark cloud for job seeking students. While the factors leading to the onset of a recession are definitely not under your control, it does not mean you cannot improve your prospects of landing a good job in such times. On the contrary, there are several instances of professionals landing up plum jobs in times of recession, in various sectors.

Below listed are a number of handy tips that you can utilize to ensure your prospects of getting a good job in recession gets stronger:

Job Hunting

  1. Updating and modifying Resume– When the country’s economy is upset by a recession, it is time that you give a makeover to your existing resume. This, however, does not make a drastic change. You need to polish it in a way that your strengths are highlighted and details that are not necessary are discarded. If necessary, get your CV revamped by a professional job portal agency.
  2. Applying for jobs– You can look for jobs if you are employed or not. However, deploy all your means for searching a suitable job during times of recession. Use the web, online job portals and professional networking sites to the fullest. If necessary, you can also enroll in a paid job portal service. It is useful to look up the job section in newspapers. You may also benefit by using professional references.
  3. Tab on social media– People nowadays tend to post just anything on the popular social media sites. In times of recession, you need to be careful about activities related to your career before posting updates on Facebook and Twitter. You can never be sure of prospective employers using such sites to learn more about you! Apply filtering options and do not careful anything on the move casually.
  4. Acquiring new skills– When you search for new jobs during recession, acquiring new skills can be of use. This does not mean you have to do a long course. Even learning a new language or acquiring a short diploma through online course can be of help. This of course depends a lot on your niche and present qualification. It will help you race ahead of most contenders.
  5. Putting in efforts– It is fine if you search for new jobs, but it is also important that you do things that bolster your chances of retaining your designation in present organization. In recession, most entities resort to cost cutting measures and a part of it is cutting down employee numbers. It happens to nearly all companies. So, the management will look for employees who put in more efforts, are productive and fit the motto of the company.
  6. Changing your focus and niche– Sometimes, it may so happen that you end up limiting your career prospects by sticking to a niche during recession. A drastic career change may not be the best option. However, you may opt for a switch over to a related sector. For example, those into hardcore IT jobs can make a transition to ITes niche- which should not be too difficult. You need to do adequate research on the web and industry before a shift, for sure.

While the aforelisted measures can boost your chances of getting a better job in recession-you need to stay calm and composed. Companies check for more than qualification and skill set while recruiting new employees during times of monetary hardship, as it is! Staying focused and consistent is what you need to achieve success.