How To Get Pregnant With Your Second Child

Is conceiving a second child a tedious and stressful task? The answer seems to be an yes especially with an increased rate of women across the world reporting a major struggle when they try for the second baby. With the rate of secondary infertility issues going up, women are really bothered now. However, it is time to relax and let nature take its course. Here are a couple of advice that you could incorporate to get pregnant with your second child.

1. Are You Ready?

Ask yourself and your husband. Preparations, at all levels is essential to get pregnant the second time.


2. Check Your Fertility Levels!

More than 15% of the women across the world have secondary infertility. You can take a fertility test, especially if your menstrual cycles are irregular or you stopped your pill a couple of months ago. Fathers-to-be should also check their sperm count to ensure that the desire comes true.

3. Keep A Note Of Your Previous Pregnancy History!

Were there any complications? Was your pregnancy an induced or natural one? Did you use any hormone therapy for getting pregnant? Were there any miscarriages before you actually conceived your baby number one? Analyzing your history will help you come up with a realistic view of your second pregnancy.

4. Track Your Menstrual And Ovulation Cycle!

A balanced or regular menstrual and ovulation cycle is a key indicator of how fertile you are. So ensure that your cycles are on track.

5. Manage Your Body!

Prepare your body for the second pregnancy. Try to shed the excess weight if any and include all the essential vitamins in your diet. Indulge in a healthy food regimen coupled with an exercise regimen such as yoga to ensure that your body now transforms into a fertile one, smoothing your journey.

Do not go for a yo-yo cycle of weight gain and weight loss during this phase as it hampers your menstrual cycle, in turn upsetting your efforts to conceive. Maintain a good weight, that is neither under nor above as both cases cause infertility.

6. Keep Your Stress Away!

It is easier said than done, but stress is a major obstacle when it comes to getting pregnant. Stress corrupts and upsets the entire rhythm of the body, throwing your hormones into an imbalanced state. This, on the other hand, will impact your efforts.

7. Wait!

Wait till your first born is slightly independent. This will give sufficient time for your body to recover and become stronger to move ahead with the second one.

8. Be Patient!

Patience is the key. Stressing out is not going to help you in away. Wait for about one year at least, giving yourself a chance to conceive naturally.

9. Visit Your Doctor!

If your menstrual cycles are out of the track or if you had a primary infertility issue, please visit your doctor.

There are no shortcuts to getting pregnant, first time or second time. Try to be patient and have some steaming sessions. Leave the rest to the nature.