How To Get Rid of Crackheads

No there is nothing wrong with you if you are bothered about the crackheads lurking around your house or building. Of course, the crackheads are not infamous without a reason. They are known to have caused trouble, commotion, brawls and inconvenience to people in the past. So it’s not at all abnormal if you so not want to see them around you, your house, or your family. But the question is how to get rid of crackheads?

The first thing you need to remember is that they are humans too not zombies however they may look like. Do not break the moral and legal boundaries while dealing with them. They are people too, although not like the rest of us. Look at them as people who need your help and need be treated. Do not look down upon them as animals.

Tips and tricks to get rid of the crackheads from near your house

Here are some ways to get rid of the crackheads

1. Ask them politely to leave the vicinity

You might baulk at the idea and say this is not possible. However, politeness and kindness go a long way. Not all the crackheads are bad human beings. Some are the victims of their unfortunate circumstances. Approach them and try to talk out. Ask them politely to leave your house or building premises or the vicinity. Tell them you do not hate them and that you understand them but it would be better if they gathered somewhere else. Tell them politely that they might be causing slight disturbance in the neighborhood.

2. Yell at them

Are you confused with the two contradictory suggestions here? Yes it is true that politeness gets the work done many times, but not always. You cannot expect immediate fixes using the kind and polite means. If the situation demands an urgent fix, you may have to resort to the less polite means. You may have tried your best to talk them out of the place and shown the most genuine understanding of their situation but you could not move them. What do you think you will do? You may have to step out of your natural self and shout at them. This may scare the crackheads and you could get the desired results.

3. Call the cops

The problem with the crackheads is that they have cracked heads. This simply means they could be out of their minds being high on cocaine. Even a small bit of provocation can catch them at their wits end and the very next moment you could see them getting violent. The second advice about yelling at them should have indeed come with a disclaimer. When you are yelling, make sure you maintain a safe distance from them so that in case they lose their head you could run and lock yourself inside your house. The next thing you need to do in such a situation is call the cops. You cannot always control the situation on your own. If the things are getting out of your hands, it is better that you take the help of law enforcement team.

4. Inform them about shelter for homeless

Do not take these advice in any particular order. You cannot walk up to the crackheads and politely tell them about the shelter for homeless if you have already yelled at them and provoked them. This advice could well have befitted the first tip about going polite and kind with the crackheads. On the moral grounds, at the least you can help the homeless crackheads find a shelter if you are aware of one. Of course, you need to be mindful of certain factors like if they look excessively aggressive or irritated or out of senses (well… worse than they normally are). If there’s any such possibility, always ensure your safety and well being first, before thinking about theirs.

Some more tips

Now you know how to get rid of the crackheads in your area. Here are some additional tips which you could use:

  • All the homeless are not drug addicts and all the drug addicts are not homeless.
  • Knowing a bit about drugs can help you in your safety. If you know what drugs incite what kind of human behaviors, you will be able to maintain a safe distance from some crackheads.
  • The crack cocaine is one of the highly addictive drugs. The crackhead needs a dose periodically or else he may become violent and out of control.
  • If the crackhead asks you for money or cloth, decline the request politely. Never say an insulting no and don’t even ask them to find a job. No one will give a job to a drug addict.
  • Always start politely. Stay polite as long as you can. They are humans too and need your help in getting rehabilitated.