How To Get Rid of Demons

The worst kind of fear that nurtures in human mind since childhood is the fear of demons or supernatural creatures. The fear of ghosts in the mind of people is deeply engraved. That is why film industry, novel writers etc feed on this human fear to encash it. But there are few unfortunate instances of real life encounters with demons which can’t be scientifically justified. But the truth of existence of supernatural creatures can’t be denied and few people have to really go through the living hell of dealing with demons in real life. Even if no one believes your story, here are some real solutions to deal with demons and to eliminate them from your personal life. You just need to be positive and willing to help yourself.

  • Adorn your house with religious pictures to shun evil spirits: Your house may have become haunted with the demons, but you have to fight against that by increasing the positivity in your home. This can be done by using religious pictures to decorate the walls of your home. The pictures can be of Mother Mary and Christ. They can practically be any symbolic pictures of God according to the religion that you follow. The main aim is to ward off the demons by tormenting with religious pictures.
  • Think and do good for those who have been wronged by you: Demons usually come with a cause. They come to haunt you to take revenge of some past deed in which you have wronged someone. So, when you feel that some demon is haunting you, then you should calmly sit down to analyze all your past doings. Did you hurt somebody for your own selfish purpose? If yes, then search for that person or family who has been wronged by you. Offer them comfort, care and monetary help. Genuinely repent your sins and ask for an apology. Maybe the demon will stop haunting you afterwards.

Get Rid of Demons

  • Always carry blessed liquid with you in a small bottle for safety: Blessed liquid can be used as your savior in case you are being tormented by evil spirits who are trying to harm you physically. In this situation you should get hold of some genuine blessing liquid to sprinkle on the demon as soon as you are confronted by one. Also, if you feel that some place of your house is usually left isolated, then you should sprinkle the holy water at that place too. Demons can’t bear the contact of holy water upon them. They will stop troubling you most probably.
  • Spirit controllers and priests can help you in cleaning your home: Sometimes the dealings with demon can’t be handled alone by a common man. You need to take the help of spiritual priests and spirit controllers. These people are very close to god due to their good deeds and positivity. These people have the power of god inside them. They can summon the demons and ask them to leave you alone. These priests and spirit controllers can also find out the actual cause due to which the demon is troubling you so that you can rectify it. Also, the spirit controllers have their own unworldly ways to capture the demons.
  • Use lighting to eliminate dark spaces in your house all the time: The home should be filled with positive energy which is also known as ‘Yin and Yang’ in Chinese. The home should be filled with positivity and there should be no dark corners in your home where the evil demons can reside. Demons like to live in the dark because they can’t tolerate light usually. Darkness enhances their power while light reduces their strength. Therefore make use of lamps, lighting etc to remove dark spaces. Open the windows of your home every morning to let the sunlight come inside the house to illuminate it. Eliminate negativity and bad feelings from your mind totally.
  • Don’t let your fear dominate you; face the evil demon’s presence: The more you fear something, the more power you provide to that fearful object to trouble you. The demons also make use of this principle. The more you will fear the presence of demons, the more powerfully they will haunt you and trouble you. These demons love to increase their power by absorbing the negative energy found in human fear. Therefore, throw away that fear and be bold enough to face the situation. Remember, bad never wins over good. The closer you are to god and the more prayers you offer, the stronger you will become.
  • Never indulge in black magic tricks because they empower spirits: Whenever people get haunted by spirits, then they think that they are powerless to deal with supernatural power. Then such people focus all their efforts on doing black magic to ward off the demon from their life. But in reality, the basic foundation of black magic is not related to the God. The black magic drives its energy from the negativity of the world. Thus, the black magic actually works against you in your fight against demons. You make these demons more powerful by letting feed on the negative energy produced due to the black magic. Therefore, no matter what happens, black magic should never be used to get rid of demons.

Is black magic true? Are demons for real? Well, guess there can never be one certain answer but at least we must do the right think regardless of whatever it’s for real or not.