How To Get Rid of Evil Eye

Some of us do not even believe in evil eye and just rubbish the thought if told by someone. Well, truth be told, most of us are not even aware that any such thing even exists. It’s most a cultural thing and so we just follow what’s prevalent around us. However, for those who do believe in evil eye, it’s a serious problem and can lead to lot of troubles. It is quite common in many cultures and refers to a magical glance which may or may not be purely intentional. It is said that if you are affected by an intentional evil eye of someone, you may fall ill or can go through worse. Some sections of society do call all this a superstition; however, most of the religions recognize its ill effect on people.

evil eye

Here are few tips to spare yourself and your family from an evil eye:-

  •  If any of your family member is getting sick suddenly or frequently, it may be because of an evil eye. To get respite from it, take sea water in a bottle and distill it through a cloth. Mix some cow urine in a small proportion and store the water. Spray this solution inside all the rooms of your house, especially on Tuesdays, Fridays, full moon days and new moon days.
  • For people whose valuables are getting lost frequently as soon as they are brought home, it could be an effect of evil eye. To get rid of this, keep a white jar filled with colorful beads and stones. This will keep away the evil forces from your house.
  • For people whose babies are falling sick suddenly or more frequently after they take them out, the reason could possibly be an evil eye. It is quite well known that babies are a softer target and are more susceptible to evil eyes. To get rid of this, you can take a pinch of salt or few red chilies, mustard seeds or a hair strand of the mother of the baby and move the palm around the baby’s head three times clock-wise and three times anti-clockwise.
  • Pregnant women are again a soft target for evil eyes. To avoid evil eye, a pregnant women should carry neem leaves when they step out of their homes. Once they return back, they should burn those leaves in fire. It is said that it burns away all the evil forces that have chased them throughout the way.
  • Evil eye does not spare anything and anyone. It could lead to even someone going through a rough patch in their business. It could often be your competitors having an evil eye on your business. If you are one of them, place a lemon on a transparent glass full of water and keep it at a place where it is visible to everyone coming in or going out. Make sure to change the water of the glass every day. Moreover, change the lemon with a new one on every Saturday.
  • Often children suffer from sudden stomach ache. On one hand it could be any infection or medical problem, but quite often it could also be an evil eye. To get rid of this, take a handful amount of sand and mix it with mustard seeds. Gently put this mixture on the child’s stomach and leave it for a while. Remove the mixture from the stomach and put in the fire. This process is quite effective in forcing evil forces out.

To sum it up, evil eyes can affect anyone and everyone and you may not really know when you are affected. This happens more with people who do not believe in these things. On the contrary, some people who believe in evil eyes effects are so much engrossed into diagnosing it that they sometimes confuse a medical problem with an evil eye. Remember that the combination of logic and belief is the best form of life.