How To Get Rid of First Day of School Jitters

Are you feeling jittery because it is your first day at school? Don’t worry; you are not the only one. A study shows that most of the kids are nervous on the first day of their school, be it kindergarten or high school. It is just a temporary phase for most of them and the feeling of nervousness subsides after spending some days at school. For some it is indeed a serious matter as they get sleepless nights dreading about the prospects of the first day at school. If you are wondering how to get rid of first day of school jitters then the answer is – there is no one way. And there is no one prescribed medicine that will work for all.

Getting over your fear or fright is something you need to take care of yourself most of the times. You will have to brave the feeling that’s making you jittery. But still there are some tips you can use to make the day a little less uncomfortable.

Get yourself prepared: It is a known fact – the more you prepare the more comfortable you are. So make sure you are completely prepared for the first day at the school. Days before the school starts, you should get started with the shopping so that you don’t end up realizing at the last minute that something got missed. Buy the school dress, the shoes and every other accessory which is in the list. You will be a little more confident if you had read the text books during holidays. You will be better prepared for the first day at school.

School Jitters

Get a good sleep: Take a good eight to nine hours of sleep in the night a day before the first day of the school. If you sleep well you will feel fresh and calm. If you sleep less, you will feel tired and more nervous. Sleeping rests your body and your nerves both. You feel more edgy and uncomfortable if you are sleep deprived. Taking nine hours sleep means if you have to get up at six in the morning, you sleep at nine in the night. This is quite unlikely these days as our sleeping habits have changed drastically. But you may skip chatting with your friends on Facebook for a day to make sure you look fresh on the first day of the school. It will be worth it. So ensure that you take a good night’s sleep.

Eat the breakfast: It is so commonplace that when we feel extremely nervous the last thing we want to do is eat. But did you know that not eating and staying hungry could make you even more nervous? Your body needs to be fed with proper nutrition. If it is deprived of food, you will feel weak. This feeling of weakness clubbed with your nervousness will not make things any better. Even if you don’t feel like eating, force yourself to eat. Make sure that you do not eat too much or too less. Also eat something light but nutritious which will give you energy but not make you feel drowsy.

Visualize yourself as confident: This may sound a little silly but this is what all the greats on earth have said. Whatever you want to achieve, you must be able to imagine and visualize it first. You need to first believe that you have already achieved it and then it will come to you. You may want read the book Secret by Rhonda Byrne which talks about law of attraction. It says everything you desire will come to you if you believe in it. So start visualizing yourself as entering the gates of your college strutting past people confidently.

Be there on time: You may think you will be forgiven for getting late as the teachers are usually lenient on the first day of the school. You may be right. But do not leave this to chance. If you get late, the thought that you are getting late will keep playing on your mind and it may cause you to lose focus and confidence. If you are already nervous, it will make you jitterier. So get to the school on time. In fact reach a little early so that you get some time to get the feeling sink in that you are back in the school. It will help you feel a little relaxed.

The first day of the school could be difficult but it is not really that bad after all. If it makes it any easier, just realize that there might be other newcomers in your class too. Try to bond with them as you guys are in the same boat. And whatever it is, just remember this: the worst that can happen is you will end up a little embarrassed. But after a few days everything will be back to normal.