How to Get Rid of Grandpa’s Mundane Chores and Responsibilities

The burdens of taking care of the household after retirement can take a toll on an elderly individual. If your grandfather or elderly father is weighted down with obligations such as grocery shopping, keeping up with the yard work and endless home maintenance and repairs, the following tips will help lessen his burden and allow him time to relax and enjoy simpler activities in life in his golden days.

Living on his own can be a challenge for your grandparent as he ages. In spite of occasional visits from friends and family, many elderly people living alone face the feeling of emptiness, or lack of purpose, which can lead to depression. The motivation to interact with people socially may wane for him. At a previous point in his life, your grandfather might have been a vital part of a successful business where he was a contributor to its success. Retirement often leaves people at a standstill if they have not made definite plans to pursue hobbies or travel.

Assisted Living Facility

After a life of hard work that was challenging and meaningful, every day tasks such as keeping up with the yard, cooking and cleaning can become tedious, sometimes even demoralizing. Moving your grandfather into any assisted living in Atlanta Georgia or your hometown, where ever it may be, can take all of the work and worry out of his daily life and offer him a hassle-free living arrangement. An assisted living arrangement provides him with free time to focus on other things such as friends and family, and maybe even do some traveling. It also opens him up to explore passions and hobbies that he may have always wanted to try.

Assisted living also offers him opportunities to be socially engaged. He will meet peers and have available to him different activities such as outings, games, and sports activities. The positive thing is that he can control the amount of interaction he wants with others.

Handy Man

If your grandfather is resistant to the idea of such a facility, enlisting the help of a handy man can allow your grandfather to be able to keep up with the maintenance and care of his home. It would also be a new person he can talk to, even if it’s idle chitchat. The fact that he would get some human interaction could ease oncoming depression and isolation. From simple tasks such as light bulbs that need changing to more detailed repairs such as installing a new mailbox, he’ll find it easy to keep up with everyday repairs with the help of a “companion.”
A handyman can help with painting or keeping the gutters clear of leaves. The last thing you want is for your grandfather to be up on any ladders. You can ask for referrals from family, friends and neighbors, or interview candidates from the local chamber of commerce.

Online Grocery Shopping

Weekly grocery shopping can be a tiresome chore, even for individuals who only have to shop for one. Loading and unloading the items from the cart and lugging them into the house can be difficult for elderly individuals. Walking the entire length of modern and giant grocery stores can be tiring for him. If you don’t have time to do his shopping for him, an online grocery store allows your loved one to shop from the comfort of his own computer. Totals in his cart before check out will be handy if he’s on a budget. Some online grocery store services will also deliver and unpack items for him right in his kitchen.


Keeping up with outdoor chores can be hard, especially as you age. Pushing a lawnmower can be arduous work for your grandfather. If he lives in a hot climate, the heat and humidity could be dangerous health factors during exertion. A landscape company can handle various duties such as sodding, mowing, seeding, and mulching. They could handle pruning plants and trimming trees. They can even handle snow removal for those in winter climates.

Family Time

Set a designated time for the family to visit regularly to banish your grandpa’s boredom. It would give your grandfather something to look forward to and let him know he is loved. In addition to visiting, you can assign various tasks that need accomplishing.

Lessening the burden of household obligations for a loved one such as your grandpa can free him up to explore a world of possibilities. By not having to worry about the menial chores, he can focus on having his own adventures.