How To Get Rid of Losers in Your Life

It is said that your destiny is decided by the company you keep. Or in other words you are an average of the people you spend most of your time with. The people around you can either raise you above yourself or they can pull you down. It all depends upon what kind of people you are spending your time with. So if you are planning to do something big in life and prove the world that you are a winner, then you will need to get rid of the losers in your life.

It is not always easy getting some people out of your life especially when you have spent a great deal of time with them. It is not being indicated here that you get rid of people you are emotionally connected with just because you have started feeling that they are losers. The idea is to not get influenced by their negativity and loser like attitude. So the question is; how to get rid of losers in your life?

Here are some tips on getting rid of the losers:

How to Get Rid of Losers in Your Life

Find good people- the winners: You need to change company. You need to find the like minded people who you should now get along with. If you do not find a new company it will be difficult to get rid of old people in your life. You don’t really have to get rid of the losers by hurting them. But they must understand that your aims are higher and being with them will not serve the purpose anymore. So start speaking to more people. Even if you are an introvert, get out of your shell and your comfort zone and start making new friends. You will definitely find like minded people who will share the same vision as you. Having the people around with winner attitude is not just a feel good factor but also gives a lot of positivity, encouragement and motivation to you.

Start maintaining distance from the losers: This could be tough, especially when you have been with them for quite a while. But by now you must have identified who are the people, although being losers, care genuinely for you and who are the ones with whom you have a passing friendship. Never make the ones who care for you feel that you are trying to get rid of them. Instead be always there whenever they need help and support. But make yourself so impervious to their negativity that it doesn’t affect your attitude. If you are motivated yourself, you may be able to pass on some positivity to them and change their lives. The people who had been your temporary companions may notice that you are distancing yourself from them, their ego might get hurt a bit, but in the end they will be at peace with it as it wouldn’t hurt them emotionally.

Get rid of the loser inside you: Do you know that it is all inside you? People who depend too much on the external factors are always driven by them for their entire life. There are things which you can control. There are things which you cannot control. Majority of the people focus too much on the things that are uncontrollable and they end up despaired and dejected. The great people work on their area of control. You cannot decide how the weather is going to be, but you can always decide how you react to a bad weather. You cannot always prevent the losers from coming to you and pulling you down with their negativity. You can always control how you respond to that negativity. It all starts with the understanding that your destiny is in your control. It is not decided by the others.

If you want to get rid of the losers, first get rid of the loser inside you. The qualities that we hate the most about other people are more often than not are our own personal traits. We hate our own self reflected through other people. So what do you do? If you are able to identify someone as a loser then you must also be able to identify what characteristics make him a loser. Do some soul searching and list out the characteristics of the loser that you see inside yourself. Once you have identified it do not feel dejected. Instead feel happy that you found them and then accept yourself as it is. Many people know where they want to be but do not know where they are. Unless you know where you are, how could you be where you want to be? By finding the loser inside you, you know you are a loser; this is where you are. And being a winner is where you want to be.