How To Get Rid of Points on Your Driving Record

Everyone needs to be able to drive in the modern world. We depend heavily on our cars to get us from place to place, whether for business or personal purposes. Treat driving as the special privilege that it is to avoid any negative results on your record.

People often forget that driving is indeed a privilege, and not a right, and that it can be taken away from us as easily as it was given to us. Because of new technologies in car design, cars can almost drive themselves and people have become less attentive to the actual handling of their vehicles. Some modern vehicles are almost like lounges, with full entertainment systems that take the driver’s attention and eyes off the road ahead.

According to an Orlando speeding ticket attorney, “Getting pulled over … happens because the law enforcement officer has some reason to believe you have been drinking,” even if you have not. You might have simply been reaching for something, or even scratching your leg. But because the officer thought he had reasonable cause to pull you over, he can do so. What happens after can determine your driving fate.

Driving Record

Several types of traffic citations can lead to “points” being placed on a person’s license. This is the one time that “less” is better. People need to know that these points can lead to additional fines, heightened insurance rates, and even suspended or revoked licenses. It is imperative to avoid these points, and once they are acquired, it is important to know how to erase them from your driving record.

Preventing Driver’s License Points

The best way to prevent having points assessed is to never get pulled over in the first place. Drive responsibly. Pretend you are taking your driver’s test to earn your license for the very first time. Pretend the tester from the DMV is sitting next to you, assessing your every move. You will automatically drive more carefully, more cautiously, and more slowly.

The second way is to fight the traffic charge in court. In the past, a person may have gotten their ticket dropped by simply pleading “not guilty,” especially when evidence against them was insufficient. This is not a foolproof method, and should not be solely depended upon. It is also wishful thinking to hope that the citing officer will be a no-show on your court date and that your case will be thrown out. If the traffic violation is serious enough, chances are he will show up.

Even if the state chooses to go forward with their case, it is still possible to avoid having any points assessed by defeating the charge. Hiring an attorney may be prudent. While many people fear that this is too costly, in reality, the fines, the increased insurance rates and the potential loss of your license are far more costly than hiring an attorney who can potentially help avoid these penalties for you altogether.

It is also important to note that an individual with their attorney’s help may be able to come to an agreement or agreeable terms with the court to avoid points accrual. This could include taking on alternative punishments or consequences, like serving community service, or participating in a defensive drivers course. Once again, it is a good idea to have an attorney on your side in these cases to ensure that the determined “deal” or agreement really is beneficial to you.

Overcoming Driver’s License Points

It is not always possible to prevent driver’s license points from being assessed. What people do not realize when they get their initial points is that they will eventually accumulate enough to have a negative effect on their insurance or driving record. It is extremely important to find out a state’s specific rules for getting rid of your accumulated points.

Luckily, states that have point systems in place usually have methods of getting rid of these points as well, but they definitely vary by state. In some instances, an individual may be able to work off license points simply by maintaining a clean driving record for a pre-specified period of time. Other states require driver improvement courses that can be taken to remove points from a person’s license. Since these laws will vary, it is vital to research what exact steps you need to take.

Driver’s license points were at one time just a way to keep track of bad drivers, but states have quickly learned issuing points can be a lucrative and effective revenue source. Don’t let yourself be put in the position to bank roll your local government.