How To Get Rid of Thumb Sucking

Sometimes as a natural instinct babies begin to bite at anything and eventually mimic suckling at all they can get. One of the things that become enticing to these babies and even toddlers is their fingers that are available and seemingly irresistible. However the suckling habit sometimes gets out of hand and can be an inconvenience and a distraction for your baby or toddler.

5 Tip on how to get rid of thumb sucking

When you are in such a situation you might wonder how to get rid of thumb sucking. The following are five tips that you can practice to help your baby or toddler kick the thumb sucking habit.

Depending on how old the child is you can let them decide that the sucking is a problem. In fact if you help them understand this fact then they will certainly fight the habit by themselves without much intervention from you. One of the reasons that you can use for this, especially if the child is school going is to let them know that the habit is a bad distraction at school.

It has been known that the reward system works wonders and, especially with kids. Just tell a kid what should not be done or what should be and append a reward to that and you have an obedient ‘machine’ here. Therefore in the same way you can promise your thumb sucking child to kick out the habit for a particular reward. The best one is what they really want to have. Therefore, the reward must be something so dear or desired by the child enough to help them drop the sucking habit.How to Get Rid of Thumb Sucking

You can also consider encouraging your child to thumb suck in private. By dissuading them from sucking the thumb in public you are putting some questions in their mind and eventually they begin to see how the habit identifies them differently from others. In fact thumb sucking is a distraction and perhaps a health risk as well.

At least every body has taste for nasty things. Using a liquid on the thumb that tastes nasty is another way of reinforcing discouragement to the thumb sucking habit. Whenever this is done as a reminder and not a punishment it is likely to help the child to learn and resist the habit. Often the application of such a nasty tasting fluid must be done with an explanation to the kid that it is a way of reminding them how nasty the habit is for everybody. Therefore when the child unconsciously puts the thumb with the nasty fluid in their mouth they are quickly reminded how nasty the habit is making them desist from the practice.

Sometimes you can try all other methods to get rid of thumb sucking habit in your child without success. Well this of course becomes a most frustrating time in parenthood. However age has a better way of shaping us and ridding us off some habits. Therefore, you may need to just wait and let the habit die out by itself, especially if the sucking does not badly distract the kid. These and many other tips are just part of the A, B, and C s on how to get rid of thumb sucking that is a habit that is often unhygienic and distractive for any child. Much of what works with kids is about learning and training has a way around things. Generally most of how you ensure that your child is adaptive is the manner in which you train them because habits are learned. Encouraging the positive and discouraging the negative habits is a very effective way to begin.