How To Get Rid of Unsuspecting Driving Distractions

One of the most common causes of accidents has become distracted driving. Cell phones, makeup application, electronic devices and passenger annoyances can take your focus off your primary job of navigating the roadway.

You can do your part to ensure your safety as well as the safety of other innocent travelers by staying alert and keeping your mind on the task at hand. Below are 5 distractions few people ever think of but can be just as dangerous as texting and driving.

1) Beautiful Scenery

Miami, Florida has miles and miles of endless beaches with beautiful coastline, and you can find yourself easily immersed in the breathtaking scenery and gorgeous people. By taking your eyes off the road for a split second and focusing on what caught your eye, you could be visually impaired and cause a serious accident. Unfortunately, car accident lawyers in Miami have had ample experience with this scenario.

beautiful coastline

When you’re at the wheel of a vehicle, you need to keep your eyes focused on the roadways at all times. If you see something that’s interesting or so beautiful that you can hardly contain your thoughts, you need to pull your vehicle over and take a few minutes to savor the beauty.

2) Backseat Drivers

Backseat drivers mean well with their warnings and directions. However, they are causing serious harm to the individual who is driving and in charge of getting you to and from your destination safely. Whether the backseat driver tells you what to do, alerts you to dangers that may lie ahead or commands you to slow down and brake, you’ll find the endless warnings to be annoying and dangerous.


You can keep this under control by asking them nicely to refrain from further instructions. If this doesn’t work, you can use your mental capabilities to tune them out and place your focus on driving. Though offense may occur, it’s a lot safer than a car crash.

3) Children

Child safety
Child safety is important when traveling with your kids. You can ensure that they are safe by buckling them into their car seat properly. However, incessant crying, sibling arguing and whining can cause a driver to be distracted at the wheel. You can plan an easy ride by playing a DVD or favorite CD for your family to enjoy while en route.

4) Reading


The latest technological advances have made it easy to enjoy a good book from anywhere. However, finding out how a good book ends from your eReader while navigating the wheel of your car is extremely dangerous. If you travel long distances each day for work, you can get a book on tape.

5) Pets

Pet owners love their dogs and want to take them everywhere they go. However, traveling with a dog on your lap or sitting next to you in the front seat can be a dangerous distraction. It can also injure, maim or kill them if you get into an accident.


You can keep your pet safe by ensuring that they are secure in the back seat of the car. Larger dogs can stay out of harm’s way with a pet seat belt. For smaller dogs, you’ll find a crate or kennel to be a proper location for them while you travel to your destination.

This is the age of multi-tasking and many people think they can do this from behind the wheel of a car. However, driving safely is a task that should be done alone and blocking out all other distractions will help you to keep your focus on the road.