How To Glam Up Your Home Office

You walked into your friend’s home and apart from the dazzling décor of her house, what captivated you was her workstation in her home. It was Spartan yet had all the necessary cabinets to put away office related stuff neatly. It appeared to be a place one would love to visit every morning and spend most of the waking hours.

Home office

Working from home can certainly be more exciting, fun and organized with a neat, well-defined home office. You can use many ideas and convert a dull corner into a vibrant office space where you can bring out your best on the job. With more and more people telecommuting or working from home it makes sense to work on getting a well planned home office to serve your needs efficiently.

The greatest plus of working from home is you have the freedom to make your own design to suit your comfort of working. Let’s look at some of the ways you can introduce some color and vibrancy in your home office and improve lighting, storage as well as getting the best furniture to complete the picture.

home office

Some workable ideas to transform any space- whether it is a hallway or a small corner of your room or even a study room into a home office- to give you the required ambience. Use your ingenuity and creativity to transform that small corner into a study!

Doing Up The Home Office

Let your home office reflect your personality, style and have a stamp of your own individuality. To transform a dull and boring space, you can experiment with appealing shades and colours on the wall or furniture to give a spark to your home office space.

Most importantly, once you step in to your home office, it should look like a distinct zone. This will enable a visual distinction between home and work space. It also gives you a more professional mindset so you can be more focused at your work. Also, when you close work for the day, a distinct home office space will help you switch off so that you feel rejuvenated for the next day.

You can do up your home office with inspiring thoughts, a nice family portrait, objectives and achievements to pep you up to go for your career goals. Some artwork will also add to the color.

Get Perfect Home Office Furniture

Good classy and ergonomically designed furniture can be perfect for your home office. Care must be taken to choose storage based space saving portable furniture for your home office. Computer desks can come with additional storage space and fixed shelves to store files and other office supplies along with space to keep the computer.

Home Office Lighting Ideas

Lighting is very important to add impact to your home office. It can light up a dull and boring work space. To break monotony you could keep an artistic lampshade or throw in a cushion to give a personal touch. A desk lamp on the work area will provide the lighting you need to carry out daily tasks. Blinds or nice print curtains can help providing the ambient natural lighting while also making the office look soft and cosy.

If the home office work space is small, you can concentrate on the most important aspects like storage, desk, color and shapes to make the space very interesting. If you have some space under the staircase, it can be utilized to set up a workstation. You can also fit in shelves and storage cabinets. Wallpaper is also a good idea and can be considered to light up dull walls.