How To Handle Pregnancy As a Single Mother

Life for single women can be tough anywhere and they pass through the ordeal when faced with the task of handling pregnancy single handedly. The reason can be numerous, including factors beyond one’s control. The untimely demise of the spouse, relation breakup or the decision to give birth to a child out of wedlock-whatever the cause is, the outcome is same. It is natural for single and pregnant women to feel somewhat worried, anxious, and at times, helpless. While this is not much of a favourable situation, there are women who have undergone such phases and have emerged winners! With proper planning, a positive attitude and well timed efforts single and pregnant woman can sail through the toughest phase of their life and bask in the glory of motherhood!

Pregnancy as a Single Mother

Top 6 tips that can help single and pregnant women cope with pregnancy:

1. Find sources of support

When you are a single woman carrying a child in the womb, support is absolutely important. Find support from as many sources you can. For some women in particularly tough situations, support of family may not be available. For them, seeking support of close friends and colleagues makes sense. If necessary, you can also hire a caregiver, especially during the advanced stage of pregnancy.

2. Seek professional help, counselling

For some women, especially those lacking a tough mentality, the thoughts of giving birth to a child and coping with pregnancy single handedly can seem worrisome and they get stressed out. To relieve mental stress, they can seek professional help and guidance. In such situations they may opt for professional counselling and guidance.

3. Interact with other single mothers

While the support of family and friends matter for single and pregnant women, the best thing they can do is talk and interacting with other women who gave birth to kids single handedly. They can offer you the mental support, encouragement and above all handy tips that will make your tasks easier than what you think! Even if you do not know such women personally, it is possible to find them using popular social media sites. You may be able to find such online groups in social networking sites.

4. Plan your budget with care

This is one aspect that single, pregnant women need to analyse carefully. When you give birth to a kid, a lot of expenses crop up, including some unforeseen and unexpected one! With no spouse to support you financially, this can be tedious if you do not plan with care. It will be better if you make a list of essential and forthcoming expenses before the childbirth and allocate money for the vital needs. It would be prudent to save some money for meeting additional expenses that can crop up suddenly post childbirth or in an advanced stage of pregnancy.

5. Make adjustments at the workplace

For single women who are going to be a mother soon, making provisions for leaves and other adjustments at workplace is vital. Nowadays, a lot of companies offer equal facilities for employees who are single mothers. Utilize all pending leaves apart from due maternity leave for this crucial period. If necessary, talk with the employer to make work hours flexible after birth of the baby.

6. Pamper yourself, think positive

While other women have their spouses and families to get affection and love during the pregnancy period, single women find it harsh. You need to ensure that you do not end up feeling lonely or down. Take time out to visit a spa or watch a movie occasionally to boost your mood. Read books on positive mindset and ideologies at this time to uplift your spirits.