How To Have An Eco Friendly Wedding

A wedding is a huge and vital event in anyone’s life. Marriage marks the beginning of conjugal life and it brings along a number of changes in life- both for women and men. It is a mirthful occasion replete with plenty of guests, lavish decorations, sumptuous foods and drinks and numerous rituals. However, in most cases, the venue becomes littered with leftover foods, garbage and waste material, polluting the environment. If you want to avoid such excesses and arrange for a green wedding, plans should be made in advance and they should be executed properly!

9 Top Tips For Arranging A Green Wedding

1. Choosing An Apt Venue


If you want to arrange an eco-friendly wedding, the venue selection is very important. If it is an outdoor wedding, choose a place that has means of disposing garbage without polluting water and land. The same is true when you opt for a traditional indoor wedding.

2. Using Recycled Paper

Recycled Invitations

It is a nice way to ensure the wedding is an eco-friendly one. Choose a company that prints, wedding cards using recycled paper. Some people, the trendy ones, often discard the paper cards for invitation. They choose the digital or e-card option. In an age when nearly everyone uses a Smartphone or tablets,sending a beautifully designed digital wedding card makes sense!

3. Eco Friendly Decoration

Eco Friendly Decoration

Use natural elements for decorating the wedding venue and reception zone as far as possible! Flowers and leaves are bio degradable and so using them in abundance is not a problem. However, refrain from using decorative materials that look nice, but contains chemicals or toxic substances. From using organic fabric for table clothes to using wood in lieu of plastic, options are literally endless.

4. Green Lighting


Green Lighting

The eco friendly ideas also extend to illuminating the venue of the wedding. To keep carbon footprint low, you can opt for LED lights. They consume far less energy than regular lamps. You can find diffused and soft glow LED lamps in various colors nowadays. Another good idea is using candles of various colors and sizes at the wedding venue.

5. Eco Friendly Utensils


Eco Friendly Utensils

You will need to think of using green utensils to serve foods at the wedding to keep it green. Using clay pots is a nice idea. You may even use banana leaf on those clay plates to serve the food. It will look nice and amaze the guests.

6. Using Local Vendors

Local Vendors

No matter how large scale or small the wedding is, you will definitely need to hire a number of vendors to supply foods, beverages, take care of power backup and decorations etc. It makes sense to opt for services of regional vendors if green wedding is on your agenda. Using services of local vendors will result in less emission and impact on the environment eventually.

7. Using Household Staffs

Garden From Soda Bottles

Apart from using recycled items, you can also make use of diverse household items to adorn the wedding venue. This helps keep the wedding green and also minimizes the prospect of emission caused by enhanced transport. Using locally grown flowers or those in your garden is a nice idea too.

8. Organic And Locally Produced Food


Organic And Locally Produced Food

Using organic food fits well with a green wedding provided it is not brought from a faraway place! Avoid using imported fish in the menu and same can be said about out of season produce. Using locally grown chicken is better than beef meat brought from distant regions.

9. Using Green Bins


Using Green Bins

No matter how hard you try, some amount of food and decor will end up as waste material after the wedding! You will have to keep garbage bins ready at the venue to ensure the place does not become messy. It is better that you use bins made of disposable and green materials like clay. Avoiding plastic is vital to lessen the impact on the environment.

Summing It Up

While using eco friendly materials and reducing use of toxic materials helps in arranging an eco friendly wedding, you will also have to look at the reality sometimes. You have a budget for the event and at times, balancing the usage of such materials may be required to stay within financial limits. Explore your options to arrange a green wedding while adhering to the budget and plans.