How To Help Children Connect With Their Grandparents

A happy childhood is always associated with memories of grandparents and the fulfilled moments spend with cousins, aunts and near relatives. In this age, where nuclear families have gained roots, it is very much important that the children stay connected to their relations, especially their maternal and paternal grandparents. It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your children spend some time with their grandparents and stays connected.

How can you do that? Here are some old and new tricks that will help your children stay connected to their grandparents.


Encourage a Discussion

Grandparents and grandchildren are the past and the future of your life. It is very important for your kids to know some special things about your family, such as your traditions, ethics, way of life and legacy. Grandparents provide good insight to the kids about the same. Moreover, they help your kids know you-their parents better by telling stories about your childhood. To make sure that the grandparents and the children get time to exchange such special gossips with each other, you should arrange a special discussion session of an hour or more to start with.

In case your parents live in your city, you can make it a weekly or fortnightly thing. Otherwise, you should try to arrange for it at least once in six months or a year or leave the children with their grandparents for a couple of days during their school holidays if you cannot manage to stay alone.

Increase the Frequency of Visits

This is more important, especially if your parents do not stay in the same city as you. You need to take out some time and increase the frequency of your visits to your hometown or your parent’s place. Your bonding with your parents will encourage and motivate your kids to make a connection with their grandparents. You need to show to them how special your parents are for you. Such actions would not only establish respect in their mind for their grandparents, but in the long run they will also ensure that you are treated in the same way when you grow old.

Increase Their Involvement

More often grandparents are in need of regular medications or care and need to visit the caregiver for regular checkups and prescription. If your child is a teenager, encourage him to go along with your father or mother to the clinic, buy medications for them and see to it that they are safely home. Involve them in such activities and share some of the responsibilities with them so that they too get to spend quality time with your parents.

Arrange a Small Get-Together

The connections and bonding within the whole family will become stronger if members of your extended family too will participate in this process. Arranging a small get-together only for the family members is a very good idea. The children during this period not only get to spend time with their grandparents, but also with their cousins, aunts and uncles. This will eventually help to strengthen their bonding with their grandparents, as they are the main connecting mediums.

Use Technology to Stay Connected

Most of the grandparents today are tech-savvy and know how to handle a Smartphone. If not, you can always buy them one and teach them the usage. Make sure that your kids have their grandparents on their hangout apps and Skype so that the communication is regular even when they cannot meet personally on a regular basis. Exchanging good jokes and news on apps helps the children to stay connected with their grandparents.

Birthday Wishes and Compliments

Even when you grow old, you still have an expectation regarding a gift or a wish when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries. Instead, of calling your mom or dad on your own on their birthdays or marriage anniversaries, make sure that you do so in a group call. This way, the grandparents will be able to see and hear everyone and the grandchildren will know the special days of their grandparents.

You can encourage a healthy bonding between your parents and the kids in multiple ways. But for this, it is very much important that the efforts are initiated when the children are small so that they get adjusted to having their grandparents in their lives.