How To Keep Kids Busy At Home

Are you exhausted of running after your child trying to make him put his energy into something productive, but in vain? Do not be dejected. You can help your child participate in productive activities and thus, keep him busy at home. This can also give you enough time to do something else that may have to be done.

Suggest some games

Kids are generally inexplicably energetic during the day; this can leave you parched for some energy and with limited time to do some other important task. But, with myriad ideas for at-home games, you can easily keep your kids busy at home. Pick some easy games for your child that they will be able to play without the supervision of an older person, such as scrabble, puzzle, monopoly and Twister. Try as much as possible to avoid letting them play video games. Card games can also work in your favour.

Two children are playing on the floor

Give them snacks

Make them something to eat, preferably something that is healthy. You could make them note the instructions while you prepare the snack. This will help them to learn cooking early on. Other snacks that you can give them so they keep themselves busy include apples, fruit snacks, cookies, fruit juices, oranges, etc. Try to pick snacks that they will eat slowly, such as a sandwich.

Make them exercise

You may have to spend some time with them while trying to get them to exercise. You could also have an older child to take the younger one for biking or scootering. If you have a trampoline at home, you could have the kids to exercise on them. Light wrestling among the boys can also turn out as a fun activity.

Get them reading

You may ask your kids to read their textbooks aloud so you can hear them as they read. You could also have the older child read to the younger one or help them to solve a jigsaw or a puzzle. This will help both the kids to develop a stronger bond as they grow up. They are likely to share such moments they spent together for a lifetime.

Suggest crafts

Young children love crafts and experimenting with props. So, if you get them some DIY craft kits, they will most likely be happy doing them. You could teach your kids to make paper chains or paper dolls and other such common craft items. Make sure you only let them do things that you can trust them to do alone. Have an older child help them or watch over them if you cannot be in the same room at all times.

Give them coloring books or paper

If the kids are quite young, give them some colouring books or paper and crayons so they can draw and colour. Make sure you appreciate whatever they draw or colour by putting them up on the fridge or framing it up and hanging on walls. Make sure you show them how proud you are about what they have done.

Play some music

Turn on their favourite song or play instrumental music so they can place musical chairs or musical statues. Get someone to operate the stereo while the music is on. You could also just put on the music and make the kids dance to it.

Rent a DVD

Find out which movie your child loves the most and if you have enough time, rent a DVD. Either decide a time you would be playing the movie or do it when you have work. Get the kids together before you put on the film. You may also ask them to call their friends so they can all sit together and enjoy the film.

If you have already tried the above and have absolutely no idea what to do next, give them an empty box and tell them to go ahead and use their imagination to make something with the box. Enrolling the kids in some club can help them stay busy through the week.