How To Keep Your Toddler Busy This Summer

When your kids leave for school in the morning and return at evening, you miss them. However, when summer vacation sets in and the naughty youngsters stay at home all along- managing them can be taxing. For all their loveliness and innocence, they can get on your nerves at times. Instead of losing your cool and worrying about their tantrums- you may keep the kids engaged in some activities at home during the summer days. It will also ensure they do not spend much time in scorching sun outside and get exhausted!

Activities For Kneeing Toddlers Engaged In Summer Days

Below listed are a few interesting activities that will keep your playful, naughty kids occupied in summer days. Engage them in the acts and you can be rest assured they will not be making a mess of your living room or return home with mud and dust all over after playing outside!

1. Play Video Games

family playing video game

Kids love playing video and PC games from time to time. The fun gets doubled when you join them. Play some multiplayer games with your kids and see how they get engaged in the activity. You can make them stay calm with the promise that you will join them for an evening gaming session if they do not create a ruckus in daytime!

2. Take Them to a Zoo


Most kids love animals and birds. So, you can keep one summer evening to take them to a zoo. It could be at the weekends as well. The toddlers will have a gala time exploring the avian and mammal creatures up close and you can explain how they exist in nature. You may even find them reading life science books with eagerness and exploring the web for details on the creatures they met at the zoo.

3. Ask Them to Paint

painting with kids

You can ask the kids to paint as recreation anytime but adopt a wiser policy! Ask the kids to paint anything they want and promise them a fancy snack if the painting is good. They will spend a lot of time over the crayons and papers for sure!

4. Involve Them in Cooking

cooking with kids

Well, you need not ask the kids to bake a cake entirely on their own or prepare a chicken recipe as such. However, involving them in cooking, even in parts can be fun. For example, you bake the chocolate cake and give the kids frosting tube to make the frosting on top. Similarly, you can let them garnish a chicken drumstick dish with seasonings and herbs.

5. Wash the Car with Kids

car wash with kids

Once a month or so, you may need to wash the car. It can be a fun idea to involve the kids. Of course, you should not let them use any sharp instrument or device that can be risky for the young ones. However, they will find it fun playing with water and foam while cleaning the cars with you.

6. Spruce up the Garden

kids gardening

Gardening is a nice hobby and it is better if you nurture the plants and shrubs at backyard with kids sometimes. This will help them develop gardening at a young age. Show them how to plant saplings, water, trees and shape the lawn with a mower gradually. They will spend hours in nurturing the trees, keeping the tantrums and ruckus aside!

7. Teach Them, to Take Snaps

Teaching Photography to Kids

While serous photography is something only grown-ups venture in, you may teach the kids basics of imaging. Nowadays, digital cameras are really cheap and there is no harm in giving the kids a basic point and shoot camera. Teach them how to click snaps and upload it online. It will make them excited and keep them occupied.

8. Watch Movies Together

mom watching tv with kids

Watching some classic children’s movies with your toddlers can be a nice idea. You may watch flicks like ‘Lion King’, ‘Alice in wonderland’ or ‘Home Alone’ with them. After watching the movies, explain the lessons of such flicks to them.

9. Teach Them to Take Care of Pets

pet care with kids

If you have a dog or parrot of home, teach kids how to take care of that pet. You may take the kids when you take the canine or an avian companion for a health checkup. Ask them to lend a hand in bathing the pets as well.