How To Make Better Decisions In Life

Let us face the facts. You are the only person who have made a bad decision in his life. All of us would have taken at least one bad decision in life, but that does not imply that you are a bad decision maker. You can always give yourself a second chance. Here are a few tips and techniques that you could follow for making better decisions in life.

1. You Cannot Make A Decision Without The Right Information!

Gather all the information you need to take a decision. While this need not be applicable in all the scenarios, it is essential for various situations like taking a decision on your career. Consider all the facts essential for making the decision. Look into each of the factors in detail. Revisit your past decisions, especially into those ones which you feel were mistakes. Use them as your tools to understand why those decisions worked or didn’t work.

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2. Work Out The Pros And Cons

Make a list of the pros and cons involved in each of the alternatives you have for your solution. Write each of the alternative on a separate sheet of paper and list the pros and cons on either side of the same. You can even give each benefits and disadvantages some weight or grade so that you will have a simplified way of finalizing.

3. Do Not Shy Away From Asking Help

It is okay to ask help, but while doing so ensure that you are asking the right person. Ask only those persons who have achieved a successful solution to the same situation you are facing now. Stay away from those who lack experience.

4. Get Your Mindset Right

Never take any decisions when you are confused and stressed. You are bound to go wrong. Get your mindset right and clear before tackling the issue. You could take a few deep breaths to clear your mind or just eat a couple of spoons of unflavored, no sugar added yogurt. While breathing techniques are known to boost mental clarity by improving circulation, the latter contains zinc and iodine, two elements well-known for their brain function boosting properties. If you are a regular meditation practitioner, then you could do a quick and short meditation that would put you at ease and boost your mental clarity.

5. Pay Attention To Your Gut Instincts Too

Do not ignore your gut instincts. Instincts exist because they work and that too quite effectively. There may be alternatives that would bring a smile on your face. You would hear a tiny little voice from within you talking to you and saying a yes. If you feel you are hearing one like that, go with that decision. Your inner self will never cheat you. Studies have proven that decisions that were taken considering the facts and gut feelings together work better and have high successful rates.

Make The Damn Decision. You do not have to go through all the things mentioned above if you want to make a decision about your breakfast. Just eat whatever you feel is the right one for you. But whatever decision you make, ensure that it is a strong and concrete one. Never re-analyze once you decide. End the churning of thoughts happening in your brain. Move on to the next.

The key to making the right decision is simple. A decision made is right if you feel that you are comfortable with it. Try it yourself!