How To Make Onion Juice

Do you know that drinking onion juice can reduce your chances of heart disease? We might never want to drink onion juice by choice, but if you knew all that it can do for you, you might change your mind. For instance, it can lower your cholesterol levels, get rid of any urinary problems, and increase your blood circulation and your metabolism. If these four reasons make you want to drink onion juice three or four times a week, read on to find out how to make it best.

Preparing the onions for juicing

Use a sharp knife and cut a half-inch slice from the end of the onion. You needn’t cut a whole slice of onion, but stop short of it a little and hold this slice between your fingers. Now, remove a part of the onion’s skin lengthwise. Continue with the rest of the skin in the same fashion, now using your thumb and your index and middle fingers.

Make another half-inch slice from the other end of the onion, again taking care to remove the onion skin entirely. Now that you have taken off both onion ends, you can easily chop it. It’s time now to put the peeled onions in your kitchen sink, under running water to rinse it. Pat them dry using a paper towel.

Onion Juice

Making onion juice

With your onions, cleaned, it’s time to make the juice. Is your juicer ready? Well, let’s begin:

Cut your onions into four pieces and add them to your juicer. Before you begin, check that your juicer has a container to gather all the extracts, else attach a small-sized bowl just below the dispenser. With this done, you’re ready to start juicing your onions.

If you’re not sure what to expect, go slow by placing just one quarter into the juicer and switch on your appliance. Once this quarter is done, move on to the next few pieces and extract the juice of all the onions you have reserved for the purpose. It would be a great help if your juicer has a compartment which stores the pulp while the juice filters through the dispenser quickly and well-done.

Your drink in your hand

Pour out a drink of onion juice into a glass and sip it slowly or it will sting your throat. Now, get ready to experience its health benefits such as boosting your immunity, regulating your blood sugar, healing infection, preventing cancer and reducing inflammation. Onion juice also reduces your chances of developing gastric ulcers.

How to drink it

Introduce onion juice into your life slowly, sip by sip. If you find the taste a bit too strong to handle, you could add it to vegetable juice of your choice.

Transfer and storage

If you’ve made too much onion juice for one drink, fill it up in a glass jar and then store it in the fridge. Then, you can have it whenever you wish.

Cleaning up and putting away

While the act of juicing the onions is done, you now have to complete all operations by cleaning the juicer and drying it before you pack it away. Does your juicer stink of the strong smell of onions? To get rid of it, dip your juicer in hot water and soap and scrub it inside so that the smell of onions goes away.

Other juicing options

You don’t necessarily need to use only a juicer to extract onion juice. You can also use a machine or manually operated blender or a grater for the purpose.

In these ways, you can have a great onion juice drink, freshly made just when the mood takes you or use the juice in culinary preparations, if required.