How To Make Your Feet Look Smaller To Sport Those Pencil Heels?

Women tend to be much more conscious about their appearance and grooming compared to men, though things are changing slowly. It goes without saying, that long and slender legs garner attention. A perennial complex women have, is about the size of their feet. A lot of women, who are otherwise poised and confident about their looks, feel uncomfortable about having larger feet. While the average foot size of women tends to be bigger than that of men that is not particularly unaesthetic.

If you feel your feet are larger than usual and this makes you less confident while wearing short outfits or going out with friends, there is nothing to feel bad about. There are quite a few ways to make your feet appear smaller than what they actually are. You need not undergo any surgery, take medication or make any drastic change in your schedule for this.

pencil heels

Below listed are a handful of tips that you can try to ensure your feet appear smaller:

Stop Trying Shoes Smaller Than Your Feet

Some women try in vain to wear shoes that are tighter and smaller. This is fruitless since it can cause discomfort and you may get blisters on heels and toes in the long run. When you are uncomfortable with an accessory or attire, it gets reflected in your body language and demeanor.

Choose The Right Colored Shoes

While most people do not think about it, choosing the right color can actually make the feet appear larger or smaller. To ensure your feet do not look larger, avoid wearing shoes with loud and bright colors like yellow, pink and red. It makes sense to pick shoes with colors that are darker than skin tone. Dark colored shoes actually make the feet appear smaller than what they are. If you still want to wear colorful shoes as you think they gel better with your dress, choose a darker and matte tone of red and green in lieu of lighter and brighter tones.

Choose A Proper Dress

Wearing the right type of dress with your shoes can help you make feet look smaller as well. Women who wear long gowns with frills at the bottom or skirts with similar design can achieve this easily. Such attires help creating volumes around the lower torso and the feet do not appear large. It is better that you use toe covering footwear to gel with such attire.

Choose Right Type Of Shoes

This tends to be a complex subject. Not every woman like wearing heels. However, wearing heels make your feet appear smaller. If you do not like wearing stilettos, there is good news. Chunky heels look better on feet than stilettos. Shoes with slopes towards the front helps the feet appear shorter. You may experiment the heel height to suit your level of comfort for sure.

Say No To Those Skimpy Sandals

When you are in a hurry to go to the market or do weekend shopping, it is commonplace to put on the casual sandal that exposes a lot of your feet. You may not be aware they actually make your feet appear larger. However, you can choose sandals that have straps and laces to cover a major part of your feet. If the shoes have buckles on them, it is helpful. For better results, you should pick rounded toe shoes in place of pointy toed ones. The latter makes our feet appear longer.

Choose The Right Belt

This may well be the last thing on your mind, but wearing the right type of belt also matters when you want your feet to appear smaller. When you use a skinny belt, it makes eyes focus on the feet more. However, when you wear a wide belt, with some adornments on it, the eye gets focused on overall torso- not on the lower part of the body.

Choose The Right Skirt

You may not have much penchant for wearing trousers. Using skirts is fine, but evade wearing clingy and pencil type ones. They draw attention to the feet more than long and circular skirts. Skirts with layers and volume balances out, the looks of larger legs and feet well.